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Apex Dynamics BV is since 2006 the supplier in the Benelux of high-precision low backlash planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, racks and pinions. We are known for providing service at the highest level, which starts with enthusiastically maintaining close and personal contact with all our customers and partners.

We are able to advise you perfectly, we provide a very practical design tool on our website and we deliver our entire product range of different sizes and ratios gearboxes and modules and qualities rack and pinions within two weeks.

As you can see, we love to run just a little faster than our competition! We do this since we started in 2006 and it suits us so well that the attitude has penetrated the core-DNA of our organization.

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image: f.l.t.r.: Arthur Kuo (CEO), Eric Megens, Robin Chang (President), Thom van Oss


We have a very wide product range of gearboxes, which can be mounted on almost all servomotors and are geometrically interchangeable with most gearboxes of other manufacturers. Apex Dynamics is always ahead of innovations and follows your requirements and market developments closely. So even here we, or in this case our products, often run faster than our competition. Most of our gearboxes are equipped with a stainless steel housing which makes them ideal for machines in the food and beverage industry.


Our product range of rack and pinions is also very wide. Racks from module 1 till 12, with straight or helical teeth in quality classes 4(!) till 10. Pinions can be delivered in DIN 4 or 5 and we have 7 different ways to mount them to the gearbox. Including the patented “Curvic-Plate” pinion. All dimensions are within standardized tolerances and the specifications are available on-line.


The modern production facilities of Apex Dynamics Inc. in Taiwan consist of 2 locations and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, specialized for mass production. Through a worldwide network of Apex Dynamics companies the availability and delivery of our products is guaranteed worldwide.

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