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In line planetary gearboxes
ab ad ae
AB serie AD serie AH serie ADS serie AE serie AF serie
Right angle planetary gearboxes
ABR-200x200 AER-200x200 AFR-200x200
ABR serie ADR serie AHK serie AHKC serie AER serie AFR serie
Right angle hypoïd gearboxes
KF-200x200 KF-200x200 KF-S3-200x200 KF-S4-200x200 KH-200x200
KF-S1 series KF-S2 series KF-S3 series KF-S4 series KH series
New Generation: Planetary gearboxes (economy)
PAII-200x200 PEII-200x200 PGII-200x200 PSII-200x200 PD-200x200 PL-200x200
PAII series PEII series PGII series PSII series PD series PL series
New Generation: Right angle planetary gearboxes (economy)
PAIIR-200x200 PEIIR-200x200 PGIIR-200x200 PSIIR-200x200 PDR-200x200 PLR-200x200
PAIIR series PEIIR series PGIIR series PSIIR series PDR series PLR series
Right angle spiral bevel / planetary Stainless Steel gearboxes with servomotor flange
AT-FL-200x200 AT-FL1-FR1-200x200 AT-FH-200x200 AT-FC-200x200
AT-FL series AT-FL1/FR1 series AT-FH series AT-FC series
Right angle spiral bevel Stainless Steel gearboxes
AT-L-200x200 AT-L1-R1-200x200 AT-H-200x200 AT-C-200x200 AT-LM-RM-200x200 AT-4M-200x200
AT-L series AT-L1/R1 series AT-H series AT-C series AT-LM/RM series AT-4M series
Right angle spiral bevel / planetary Steel gearboxes with servomotor flange (economy)
ATB-FL-200x200 ATB-FL1-FR1-200x200 ATB_FH-200x200 ATB-FC-200x200
ATB-FL series ATB-FL1/FR1 series ATB-FH series ATB-FC series
Right angle spiral bevel gearboxes (economy)
ATB-L-200x200 ATB-L1-R1-200x200 ATB-H-200x200 ATB-C-200x200 ATB-LM-RM-200x200 ATB-4M-200x200
ATB-L series ATB-L1/R1 series ATB-H series ATB-C series ATB-LM/RM series ATB-4M series