Low-backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions

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Apex Dynamics BV is since 2006 the supplier in the Benelux of high-precision low backlash planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, racks and pinions. We are known for providing service at the highest level, which starts with enthusiastically maintaining close and personal contact with all our customers and partners.

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Latest news

Apex Dynamics BV sponsors the 21 students who participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge on behalf of the University of Leuven as the team Punch Power Train Solar Team. The engineering students have worked for 13 months to get the Punch 2 ready to start on the 8th of October for the 3,000 km long journey from Darwin to Adelaide. The Punch 2 will prove itself in an enormously competitive playing field of more than 50 teams. Everyone tries to drive the route as fast as possible!

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The food processing industry naturally has solid hygiene requirements and this is also mandatory for gearboxes. The requirements vary by country and location in food processing but the most important factors are choice of materials, aseptic conditions and not at least the lubricant. The latter is often overlooked, but this is an essential element. The American USNSF developed a well-accepted and approved standard (H1 through H3), but an ISO certification has also been added. In this article we discuss both.

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Corrosion resistance is critical in, for example, the food industry, offshore and in cleanrooms. Rust has adverse effects on the accuracy, the noise level or the life span and must be avoided at all times in applications in such kind of environments. Apex Dynamics also has a stainless steel rack, but this is not always optimal in terms of strength and accuracy. The racks of Apex Dynamics can therefore be manufactured with an extra - all sides! - corrosion protection.

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Apex Dynamics responds to the market demand for gearboxes with higher ratios and extends the economic PGII (straight) and PGIIR (right-angle) series with 3-stage gearboxes. In a standard version, gearboxes from this 3-stage series can be delivered with ratios up to 1000: 1. These series are per immediately available from stock and can be delivered to the customer within max. 3 weeks.

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