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Apex Dynamics BV is since 2006 the supplier in the Benelux of high-precision low backlash planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, racks and pinions. We are known for providing service at the highest level, which starts with enthusiastically maintaining close and personal contact with all our customers and partners.

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Calculate a rack and pinion drive, how do you do that? If you immerse yourself in this you will be confused with terms and formulas that make the situation very complex. That is why we try to explain to you in this article how you can do such calculation the easiest. An important principle is that you realize that the calculation and selection (rack, pinion, gearbox and motor) is done by trial-and-error: you have a good chance that you have to do the calculations again with other parameters, such as the diameter of the pinion or the quality (read in this case: hardness) of the rack.

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What millennial-old technique is the basics of many of the most innovative technical breakthroughs of this moment? Robotics, 3D printing and new means of transport all have one thing in common: often they are driven by a planetary gearbox. As a supplier of planetary gearboxes, of course we know all ins and outs, but what if you encounter this technique for the first time? We have decided to explain it clearly for all - In this article we discuss the basics of the planetary gearbox.

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Vestel, a major technology company from Turkey, had a special application for our partner Koot Automation & Service B.V.: 28 rotating video screens as part of an exhibition marketing concept. Koot Automation & Service deal with similar technical challenges but on this occasion did not succeed with the gearboxes available due to the desired accuracy. Apex Dynamics could solve this issue with their compact and accurate PD gearbox. And on top of that, these 28 planetary gearboxes are available within 2 weeks. The end result (see video below this message) is one to be very proud of.

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Apex Dynamics BV is involved in the cleanest expedition ever, Clean2Antarctica. Energy neutral and zero-waste to the South Pole, follow this extremely special expedition through our website and youtube channel. In this movie Edwin ter Velde is showing how the AD140-050 gearbox is mounted into the Solar Voyager. Thom van Oss of Apex Dynamics BV explains what kind of gearbox this is and why it is suitable for this extreme adventure.

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