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Apex Dynamics BV is since 2006 the supplier in the Benelux of high-precision low backlash planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, racks and pinions. We are known for providing service at the highest level, which starts with enthusiastically maintaining close and personal contact with all our customers and partners.

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Latest news

Team Rembrandts has won the Engineering Inspiration Award. That means Team Rembrandts has qualified for the 2019 World Cup and that even their entry fees will be paid by NASA. Unfortunately, the team has not reached the end finals, which means that the robot is packed and comes back to the Netherlands. But this fact was not spoiling the fun. For the participants of the Rembrandts team, but also for all those who stayed at home, it was a great experience. Something they will never forget.

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Did you ever harvest asparagus as a way to earn some money as a teenager? Nowadays this is done mainly by foreign workers, but even those are less and less happy doing this kind of work. But how to get the asparagus come on your plate? Cerescon is a young, fast developing high-tech startup that has developed an automatic asparagus harvesting machine to solve this problem.

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In the market of precision rack systems, Quality 6 or Q6 racks are the most common, but what exactly does this quality say? This appears to differ per supplier. The only thing that all suppliers have in common is the length deviation per meter! For example, if you order a quality 6 rack you do not know which heat treatment and thus hardness you will receive. Because the hardness is a measure tangential force, this fact is often even more important than the accuracy. The racks from Apex Dynamics in quality 6 are available in different versions, we explain them to you in this article.

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With not less than three trophies, Team Rembrandts has returned home today. The Chairman's Arward The Gracious Professionalism Award Orlando Regional Champions Congratulations Team Rembrandts! With this fantastic performance, they have also managed to qualify for the World Championship end of April in Detroit. A unique collaboration between Fontys Hogenscholen (Eindhoven), Zwijsen College (Veghel) and the Heerbeeck College (Best) but also with all other participants in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

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