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AFX and AFH gearboxes for special applications

Apex Dynamics expands its product range with two new series of high-quality gearboxes, specifically developed for high-dynamic applications: The AFX and AFH series. The dimensions of the familiar high-end AF/AFR series have been maintained in both cases, so that the geometry on the output side has remained the same. The main differences with the existing series are: Backlash, lubrication, sealing (AFX), and material with shaft options (AFH).

Most important features of the AFX and AFH gearboxes


The execution, options and chosen materials are chosen with the following applications in mind:

  • Printing presses
  • Robotics
  • Turbine gearboxes
  • Positioning tables
  • Drilling installations
  • Tandem drives


The characteristics of the three series are summarized in the following table:

Class High-end High end / High speed High Accuracy / High Torque
Teething Helical Helical Helical
Type Planetary,
right-angle with spiral bevel stage
right-angle with spiral bevel stage
right-angle with hypoid stage
Backlash <5 till <1 arcminutes <5 till <1 arcminutes <1 arcminute
Material Stainless steel and aluminum Stainless steel and aluminum Steel and aluminum
Nominal torques Up to 2.000 Nm Up to 2.000 Nm Up to 4.090 Nm
Ratio 3:1 – 200:1 3:1 – 200:1 3:1 – 10.000:1
Dynamics High High High
Output shaft S1 : Smooth shaft
S2 : Keyed shaft
S3 : Spline DIN 5480
S1 : Smooth shaft
S2 : Keyed shaft
S3 : Spline DIN 5480
S1 : Smooth shaft
S2 : Keyed shaft
S3 : Spline DIN 5480
S4 : Hollow shaft
Remark “Low lip pressure” seals
Multemp grease lubrication
AFHK in ratio ≤10 we suggest the KF series.
Application General Printing presses
Turbine gearboxes
Drilling installations
Positioning tables
Tandem drives

The gearboxes are available in at least 25 ratios including the popular ratio 8, 12, 16, 32 and 64 and are immediately selectable in the online selection program “Design Tool“.

With shaft option “S4”, a hollow shaft version, it is possible to use this gearbox as a push-on gearbox and the driven shaft can be inserted into the hollow output shaft of the gearbox. The fixation is done by means of a shrinkdisc, which Apex Dynamics can also deliver.

Delivery times AFX and AFH gearboxes

Most of the gearboxes from Apex Dynamics are available from stock, which usually results in a delivery time of 2-3 weeks from order entry. This also applies to the AF series, with the exception of the AFH series for which we have a delivery time of 4 to 5 weeks depending on the order moment.

Advice and support choosing the right gearbox

Do you want to know whether one of these gearboxes is the optimal choice or do you need other help in selecting the right gearbox for your application? Apex Dynamics runs faster, which means among other things, that we are happy to provide you with advice as fast as possible. Contact us and you will hear from us soon!