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Apex Dynamics is extending range of flange gearboxes

Gearboxes from Apex Dynamics are an excellent replacement for other brand gearboxes, and not only because of our very short delivery times. We continuously work on the application range of our gearboxes, racks and pinions. Recently we took another big step in this expension: we have now five different series of low backlash gearboxes with an ISO 9409 flange output (robot flange).

Common applications that use this mounting method are delta robots, stroke tables and rack systems, but also less accurate applications such as AGV drives. And with 5 series the customer can always select the optimal gearbox, for example the backlash, straight or right-angle, hollow shaft, curvic plate pinion, stainless steel, steel or aluminum, ratio and dynamic behaviour.

We will explain all the advantages individually per series. If you have any questions after that, we will gladly help you personally.

Benefits of mounting a gearbox with flange

Mounting on a flange instead of on a shaft has a number of advantages:

  • Higher torques, often the shaft – especially the keyway – is the limiting factor.
  • Higher bending moments and radial forces due to the generally larger bearings.
  • Compact construction, because there is no output shaft.
  • Form closed mounting instead of force closed mounting (shaft with clamping hub).

Application for a gearbox with output flange

The gearboxes with outout flange are often used in high-precision applications, such as:

  • Robotics, for example Delta-robots.
  • Takt tables, to make very accurate steps. For example, in filling installations.
  • Rack systems, in use with a pinion. For example in laser cutting machines.

But also in less accurate applications, such as driving an AGV.

ISO 9404 guarantees interchangeability of the mechanical interface of the gearbox

The ISO 9404 standard defines the main dimensions, designation and marking for a circular plate as a mechanical interface. It is intended to ensure that the orientation of hand-mounted end effectors is exchanged. This global standard was established by ISO in 1996 and the last modification dates from 2004.

Low backlash gearboxes with ISO 9404 output flange

Because we have 5 different gearboxes with an output flange, you’ll find a short overview below so you can make the right choice faster:

Classification Medium-end High-end High-end High-end High-Torque
Toothing Spur Helical Helical Helical Helical
Type Planetary, right-angle with bevel gear Planetary, right-angle with bevel gear Hypoïd, possibly with planetary pre-stage Planetary, right-angle with hypoïd stage Planetary, right-angle with hypoïd stage
Backlash < 6 arcminutes < 5 up to < 1 arcminutes < 3 arcminutes < 1 arcminute < 1 arcminute
Material Steel and Aluminum Stainless steel and Aluminum Steel and Aluminum Steel and Aluminum Steel and Aluminum
Nominal Torques Up to 232 Nm Up to 2.000 Nm Up to 1.600 Nm Up to 10.915 Nm Up to 14.010 Nm
Ratio 3:1 – 100:1 3:1 – 200:1 3:1 – 100:1 4:1 – 10.000:1 5,5:1 – 5.500:1
Dynamics Medium High High High Very High
Execution Straight and right-angle Straight and right-angle Right-angle Straight and right-angle Straight and right-angle
Remarks Also with hollow shaft Also with Curvic-plate® flange

If you want to apply a flange gearbox in your application and you do have questions about which type to use, please contact Apex Dynamics BV. We are happy to advise you the right type of gearbox, the size, ratio and possibly also the motor to mount and / or the pinion to mount.