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Extension economy PII series gearboxes with input shaft

In which situations is an input shaft on a gearbox an advantage? Apex Dynamics has expanded its PII series of gearboxes with an input shaft and discusses in this article in which situation this is an advantage. Of course we also discuss the types of gearboxes that are available with an output flange.

PII series with input shaft

Apex Dynamics has expanded the entire economy PII series with an input shaft instead of a hollow shaft motor flange. It concerns the types:

  • PEII (round B14 output flange with threaded holes)
  • PGII (round B14 output flange with threaded holes)
  • PAII (square B5 output flange with bolt holes)
  • PSII (square B5 output flange with threaded holes)
  • PN (B5 output flange with NEMA dimensions)
  • PD (output flange ISO9409)

The input shaft has a diameter of 8 to 14 mm and is available for every size and gear ratio. In the latest catalog of the PII series all specifications are listed.

When is the input shaft an advantage?

The next question is of course: where do you use the economy gearbox with input shaft? As an example we will discuss a number of areas where this gearbox is an advantage:

  1. Limited space for mounting
  2. Handwheel on one side, output shaft on the other side
  3. Switchable gearbox according to SMESH principle

Limited space for mounting

Is there little space to mount the motor to the gearbox? In that case, the PIIS-series may be a good choice. You can mount the motor parallel to the gearbox and connect it with a toothed belt. This is used, for example, in an AGV, where a parallel arrangement is desired because there is no space to place them behind each other.

Handwheel on one side, output shaft on the other side

The PIIS-series is a good choice if you want to mount a handwheel on one side and have an output shaft on the other side. In this case it does not matter whether you want to speed up or slow down. One application is to be able to make a very precise rotation position with a relatively coarse manual adjustment. At ratio 50, the outgoing side only turns 1 degree if you turn inward 50 degrees. As an example, this gearbox can couple a steering wheel of a vehicle to the wheels, making the steering lighter and much more precise.

Switchable gearbox according to SMESH principle

If you would like to be able to choose from two different speeds in one setup, you can make a switchable gearbox according to the SMESH principle. This variant from the PIIS*series series is a good option for this. Read more about it in our article about the SmeshGear gearbox.

Select gearbox

If you prefer to opt for a high-end solution for your application; we also supply the helical-toothed and very low-backlash AD, AH and GL series with an input shaft. Apex Dynamics is happy to help you select the right gearbox for your application.

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