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Gearbox with spline, multi-key, DIN5480 output shaft

What is the advantage of Spline gearing? In practice there are 3 important advantages of a Spline gear, but it is sometimes difficult to choose. In this article we therefore explain how the DIN5480 standard works and how you can easily select the right gearbox or pinion for your application.

An output shaft that is executed with Spline toothing is also called Multi-spie, DIN5480 or involute shaft. Many different names for a shaft that is provided with a special kind of teeth, where, for example, a pinion with equal teeth can be slid on.

3 advantages of a Spline ouput shaft on a gearbox

The advantage of a spline shaft over a splined connection is that it has less backlash, that much more torque can be transmitted and that you can build smaller because the tooth height of a spline shaft is lower than the height of a keyway.

DIN5480 and the output shaft

DIN5480 is a German standard by which we describe gearboxes and pinions, for example, as W32 x 1.25 x 30 x 24 x 6. This technically describes the full spline shaft. An N32-1,25-30-24-6 can therefore be pushed over a W32-1,25-30-24-6. We explain this in this illustration:

The W stands for “Welle”, which means shaft, the N for “Nabe”, which means hub. The pressure angle is always 30 degrees with DIN5480 and is actually superfluous. The tolerance (here 6) represents the “tolerance class” of the spline. These range from 5 to 12. Lower numbers have a smaller or tighter tolerance range.

DIN 5480 is based on reference diameters that are independent of the module. Spline teeth according to ANSI B92.2M and ISO 4156 are not interchangeable with splines described in the DIN 5480 series of standards.

DIN5480 uses different classes and versions, Apex Dynamics is only using the most accurate for their Spline gearboxes.

Buying a gearbox with a spline outpur shaft

Of our gearboxes, the complete series AB/ABR, AF/AFR, AFH/AFHK and AFX/AFXR, but also the hypoid K-series can be supplied with a Spline output shaft. For the pinions, the entire D-series, both straight and helical gear, is executed with spline teeth.

Would you like to know more about an output shaft with spline gear or do you want to know what we would recommend for your application? Then contact Apex Dynamics and we will get back to you quickly – often the same day – with an answer.