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Interview with founder APEX DYNAMICS following the IPO

How do you become a global player in the field of low-backlash gearboxes? On the occasion of the successful IPO (Initial Public Offering) of the APEX Group – the holding company under which the APEX DYNAMICS factory belongs – founder and owner Robin Chang gave an interview for the magazine Business Next. With this he gives an interesting view into the development and future of APEX DYNAMICS on an international level.

“At the time, the competition underestimated us. And our target to deliver within three days has led them to shorten the lead time to two or three weeks. While we are now able to deliver within 24 hours.”

Importance of short delivery times

With the above statement, which Robin makes with a smile, he emphasizes an important part of APEX DYNAMICS’ distinctive character: delivery time. His analysis showed that it was precisely the long delivery times of the competition where his opportunities lay. The Taiwanese factory therefore started to keep large quantities of low-backlash gearboxes in stock so that they could be delivered directly to customers. This turned out to be a golden move.

The international branches of APEX DYNAMICS also use this strategy. APEX DYNAMICS BV still supplies a large part of the program from stock, even in times of scarcity in the rest of the market. Customers know that they not only receive a quotation quickly from us, but that the gearboxes, racks and pinions are delivered quickly as well after ordering.

Research and development

Robin initially started Apex Dynamics as a producer of Cartesian (or linear) robots. Around 1990, he was one of the first Taiwanese entrepreneurs to venture into this. The most important component was the low-backlash gearboxes that he bought with great difficulty from the mainly German and Japanese companies. A market that was ready to be turned upside down.

“There were only a few companies worldwide that could make the required low-backlash gearboxes and we, as a small player from Taiwan, had to wait at least 4 to 6 months for our delivery. I wanted to transform that market, but that required significant capital, R&D capacity and high-quality German or Swiss machines are necessary for this. In 2007, when the group turnover was high enough, we were able to make the necessary investments.”

Future: triple market share

Eric Megens, Robin Chang (president), Arthur Kuo (CEO), Thom van Oss at Apex Dynamics BV

APEX DYNAMICS has been active in the various European, American and Asian markets for more than 10 years and the brand now has a strong position in the US, Japan, Korea and the Benelux, among others. But Robin is not satisfied yet:

“According to an international research report, our share is now about 10%, then I think we can grow to about 30%, we have it completely in our own hands. Our strategy continues to revolve around delivery time and reliability, not price.”

And he continues to expand his program. Robin is also interested in other components of robotics. At the end of next year he hopes to see the first results of developing other key components. His goal is to get closer and closer to a complete offer for servo-mechanical systems.

APEX DYNAMICS BV is looking forward to the developments in the coming years and will continue to contribute to the growth of the APEX DYNAMICS brand. In any case, we congratulate the APEX Group on its successful IPO!