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Apex runs faster!

Speed, Quality and Cooperation with the customer! For supplying drive systems, three things are very important: speed, quality and cooperation with customers. Apex Dynamics tries to go faster than the competition on all these facets.This article is written by Alexander Pill and previously published in magazine Mechatronics & Machine.

Apex Dynamics runs faster!

For several years, the supplier of planetary gearboxes and bevel gear is using this slogan in the Benelux. Herewith, the company anticipates on a trend that we see in the market. “This year we are seeing a resurgence in the industry. Not only for us, but I hear it everywhere: there is a clear upward trend, “said Thom van Oss, director of the Benelux branch of Apex Dynamics. “There is, however a change since the crisis. Speed has become even more important. As a supplier you have to have short delivery times and quick response. That happens to be a strength of Apex Dynamics. ”

Apex Dynamics is the only manufacturer that manufactures gearboxes on stock. In Taiwan, the company has a modern production facility of seventy thousand square meters where it manufactures about fifty thousand components per month. Van Oss: “We have a lot in stock, which means we can deliver fast. In Helmond we have about five hundred products in stock. Of course these are the components which are used most by our customers in the Benelux. ”

Apex Dynamics has eight distribution centres in Europe. If a product is not available in Helmond, it can be shipped quickly from one of these warehouses. “And if necessary, we get it out of our warehouse in Taiwan,” says Van Oss. There we have many semi-assembled products, Apex Dynamics can assemble within twenty-four hours, test and ship. “We guarantee that we deliver every order within two weeks. Even if it has to come from Taiwan. That is the advantage of a large inventory.”


Eric Megens (left) and Thom van Oss: “Anyone can come to us for advice on gearboxes.”

The motion and drive specialist has a range of over nine thousand standard products. Before the crisis customers asked regularly for a special solution. ‘We still do sometimes a customer specific production, but most of the time this is not necessary, “says Van Oss. “If we have to make a custom component that takes development time. Customers do not want to wait that long. If possible they choose for standard components with short lead times. ”

Speed is also crucial in answering questions. Young engineers from the “Google generation” do not accept when they have to wait for two weeks before their technical issue is solved. “Quick responding is essential ” says sales manager Eric Megens. A large part of the questions Apex Dynamics is solving instantly with Design Tool. This is an online tool that is freely available to everyone. Engineers can add the servomotor they use. The tool shows automatically all possible gearboxes from Apex Dynamics, including all specifications, technical details and even 3D CAD drawings. If you want to catch the young engineers, such kind of service is a must, Megens has experienced. “Again: speed. We receive compliments an regular base because customers are receiving already a quotation with 3D CAD drawing in his mailbox, during the inquiring telephone conversation. He can continue immediately with his project. ”

It is a conscious choice of Apex Dynamics to focus exclusively on gearboxes and mechanical motion systems. “That makes us a true specialist and meanwhile we are well known for this,” says Van Oss. “Anyone can come to us for advice on gearboxes. Regularly that is the customer of our client. We deliver mainly to manufacturers of servo motors, who deliver our solutions with their system included. That is pleasant for buyers because they only have one supplier for a complete system, but also for engineers because they can instantly consult us for specific details. We are often more partner than a supplier. ”

Apex Dynamics in Taiwan is building a compete new factory which will expand to the world behind the gears. From next year on, the company will manufacture racks, pinions and other mechanical components. Van Oss is expecting these products to be available in the Benelux early 2015.

Press release October, 29 2014, Helmond