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Apex Dynamics BV is building partnership and knowledge sharing with APEXperience

As a manufacturer of low-backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions, how do you involve your customers and other stakeholders in your organization and your products? That question constantly arises for Thom van Oss, General Manager at Apex Dynamics BV. “Our products are usually part of a larger whole. They are often less visible, but essential for just about every conceivable machine. How do you get people to continue to interest them in your products and services?”

Apex Dynamics BV from Helmond is an important player in a typical niche market. From its three factories in Taiwan, Apex Dynamics supplies more than eighty product series with gearboxes for every specific application. From the AP series for delta robots to series with hollow shaft versions for conveyor belts. “Simply put, we have a solution for every machine. We work with large stocks, so we can deliver quickly and efficiently,” says Van Oss.

The need for involvement

Traditionally, Apex Dynamics does not supply directly to the manufacturing industry, but largely collaborates with suppliers of (servo) motors. Van Oss: “More than 80 percent of the well-known servo motor suppliers in the manufacturing industry work with us. This way, our partners can offer their customers a complete solution and the end customer has fewer suppliers. Our partners know everything about their own products and many of our products, but truly in-depth knowledge is often lacking. Moreover, we are not always prominently visible to our partners. In my opinion, this could be done differently.”

“Of course we will always remain the specialist in gearboxes, racks and pinions,” Van Oss argues. “But we want our customers or anyone who does anything with Apex to have a certain level of knowledge about our products and working methods. We partly compensate for this with our Lunch & Learn, in which we train our partners in the field of gearboxes and the latest developments. However, these sessions are periodic and require a lot of time from our customers.”

Distinctive platform

That is why Apex Dynamics developed an online knowledge platform: the APEXperience. “We invite our partners and other relations to register with the platform. They gain knowledge about Apex and our products in an interactive way. Once you have completed all the modules, you will receive a certificate and an extra reward to make your colleagues jealous,” says Van Oss with a wink.

According to Van Oss, the platform distinguishes itself from other learning environments because of the method of education. “We don’t just give all the knowledge as a gift with some kind of curriculum. No, with the APEXperience participants really have to think carefully, calculate or do research to find information on our website. Consider looking for the right series for a specific application, but also questions about our history. The questions alternate nicely and you always have a second chance. This way it is possible for everyone to participate.”

The APEXperience fits in with the vision of Van Oss and his organization. “We are always trying to distinguish ourselves. Of course we make quality products, but that is not really our distinguishing feature. That is why we want to show the world that we deliver quickly, share our knowledge, continue to innovate and are socially involved. For example, we have calculation tools that allow customers to calculate their required gearboxes themselves and download 3D drawings of our products to easily integrate them into their machines and applications. We use content to explain current developments and inspire partners. And we also sponsor Team Rembrandt and University Racing Eindhoven (URE), for example, to get students enthusiastic about technology and our organization.”

Van Oss hopes to build on the visibility of his organization with all these initiatives. “We are building the professionalism of our brand step by step and want to create a certain favorability factor.”

Test panel and pizza

The APEXperience will soon be online, but not before the environment has been extensively tested. Apex Dynamics BV uses a test panel with a few bright minds for this purpose. “We invited Team Rembrandts for a pizza evening in Helmond. About ten boys and girls with a mechanical engineering background will work on the application and we will turn it into a competition. The person who obtains the certificate the fastest will receive a nice prize from us. Nice, or not? We will then also roll it out to our partners and everyone who is interested in our beautiful world of mechanical drive technology.”

Writer : Wouter de Ottelander (CopyCreative)
Photo’s : Apex Dynamics BV
Publisher : Link Magazine