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Apex Dynamics is sponsoring 3 (!) Shell Ecomarathon teams

How far can you run on one liter of fuel? During the Shell Ecomarathon students from all over the world are trying to find the answer to this question. Teams of students design, build and test ultra-energy-efficient vehicles and race them in annual competitions across America, Europe and Asia. The aim of the competition is boosting the mobility debate and to inspire young engineers. That inspiring fits us at Apex and therefore we sponsored three participating student teams. In Rotterdam, from 21 to 24 May 2015, the Dutch edition took place and we would like to share their race reports.

InHolland123Apollo – InHolland Innovation Studio

Apex Dynamics gear: PE050-010

The team InHolland modified our gearbox properly in order to integrate them into the design, but this did not pass the final test at the dynamometer. There was a blockade on the sun wheel shaft which unfortunately failed. Apex but would not be Apex if we did not deliver in no time a new gearbox, directly from our stock in Helmond! But unfortunately this didn’t work out:

“We have modified the 2nd gearbox on time for installation know, even same day, but it was impossible to align it properly the same night within the given time. We drove Friday with the old drive and set a new team record !!! On Saturday the symptoms were not good, the wheels were jammed and the engine needed some time to start. In round 6 I made the decision to send him in the garage box, before the engine got damaged. Sunday we were able to put in a run after the car was repaired.

Our final score has been 647.2 km/l and this is almost a 100 km/l improvement compared to last year. We did not want to break the gearbox for the second time, that is why we decided as a team not to take the risk and to choose for a safe solution and put down a time. I hope you will understand this decision.” according to the drive specialist of the team.

The EM-03, #723, battery electric UrbanConcept, competing for team TU/ecomotive from Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Netherlands poses for a portrait during competition day one of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2015 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Friday, May 22, 2015. (Jiri Buller/AP Images for Shell)Nova – TU/Ecomotive

Apex Dynamics gear: Standard for the Ecomarathon AE070 and 2x AE090 for the street version
Nova is the world’s first modular car, which can be adapted to every situation. The idea of a modular car evolved from the discovery that the ever-changing demands of consumers pose a problem. Nowadays people buy a new car every few years, and after this purchase almost nothing can be changed to the car. When people are dissatisfied with some aspects of their car, they get rid of their old car and buy a new one. This leads to an enormous waste production. All these problems are solved by Nova’s modularity. People do not need to buy new cars, but they can upgrade their vehicles at any time to feel continuous the experience of a new car.

The Nova TUE is the only car that participates in the Shell Ecomarathon, which also is allowed to drive with a car license plate on the road. The conversion of its street version to a version that is suitable for the Eco-marathon takes only a few days.

“For us the Eco-marathon certainly is successful, we have finished two full runs. Thanks to the highly efficient transmission :), we drove eventually 350km on 1 l of fuel.

In our class (Urban Concept, Battery Electric) we came 11th out of 38 participants, not so bad for a “real” car. ”

Phidippides726Triga – Team Phidippides Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Apex Dynamics gear: ABR042-010.
Once again team Phidippides joined with two vehicles. The Quadriga in the Urban Concept class and the Triga in the Prototype class. The Quadriga has run on Saturday and Sunday 7 laps, but unfortunately fell out with an electronic malfunction. During those 7 laps consumption was realized 903km/l ! This result was good for 7th place. Also, we made it with the Quadriga to the last 10 out of the 100 entries for the technical innovation award

On Sunday the Triga unfortunately got a flat tire, so a good result was impossible. The fuel cell did an optimal job, which was one of the big challenges.

“We would like to thank all our sponsors, business partners and others who have supported us for their commitment and contribution. See you next year in London! ”

We are proud of our contribution to the success of these three teams! That our gearboxes had a central place in these vehicles of the future underlines the quality and versatility of our products. But above all this fits well with the fact that we simply run faster for our customers and associates. If you do not know what this could means for you, contact us and we are happy to explain. In any case, we have proved; Apex Dynamics not only runs faster but also more efficient!

Press release Helmond, Juni 5, 2015