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Apex Dynamics BV is proud sponsor of Team Rembrandts 4481. Rembrandts STEAM Foundation is a Dutch Non-Profit organization that started as the First native Dutch robotics team, also known as Team Rembrandts. Team Rembrandts, team 4481, is a robotics team located in Eindhoven with students from Fontys University of Applied Science, Zwijsen College and Heerbeeck College. HBO, WO, MBO and High school combined all together.

FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is an organization that organizes a series of 4 different robot competitions each year. With the aim to stimulate children young people in the field of Science and Technology. The latest and most advanced competition in this series is the FIRST Robotics Competition, where Team Rembrandts is a proud participant.

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Teamrembrandts news

Team Rembrandts wins 3 prizes at the regionals in California

Team Rembrandts wins 3 prizes, including the Engineering Inspiration Award, in California and will now prepare for the World Championships in Detroit.
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Team Rembrandts 2019: developing the robot

Team Rembrandts has worked hard in recent weeks to prepare the robot for the race. You can see how the Team Rembrandt robot came about here.
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4481 Team Rembrandts 2019 Robot Reveal – Destination: Deep Space

With proud team Rembrandts introduced their 2019 robot “Andromeda” for the Destination: Deep Space game. They will compete in FIRST Robotics Competition.
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Team Rembrandts prepares for FIRST Robotics 2019

Team Rembrandts has worked hard in recent weeks to build the robot with which they will participate in FIRST Robotics. We visit them for an update
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Team Rembrandts is now in week 4 of production and the robot is now being assembled. Soon the reveal of the 2019 robot will take place!
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Vision is a concept of target recognition, in which a ring around the camera sends out a beam of light to retroreflective targets in its vicinity, who send back the received beam t...
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This past week we worked hard to get all our systems modeled in Solidworks. We divided the team into 3 groups, Drivetrain, Lift and Hatch gripper. Every team focused on their part ...
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This week the team was excited to get strategizing for deep space. This excitement was so great that what started as four strategies on Sunday night, increased to seven by lunch on...
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Deep Space Game, the 2019 challenge for Team Rembrandts

The FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2019 has been revealed. It is an exciting game. Check out the game animation of the Destination: Deep Space Game !!
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Team Rembrandts qualifies for the World Cup Final!

With not less than three trophies, Team Rembrandts has returned home today: The Chairman's Arward, The Gracious Professionalism Award and the Orlando Regional Champions. Congratulations Team Rembrandts!
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Team Rembrandts wins The Chairman’s Award

Team Rembrandts wins the prestigious Chairman's Award during the Palmetto Regional in the USA. With this unique achievement, the team also qualified for the FIRST Championship in Detroit.
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This year's challenge: FIRST POWER UP, the first FIRST Robotics Competition game 2018, includes two alliances of video game characters and their human operators stuck in an arcade game. Both alliances are working to defeat the boss in order to escape!
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History Team Rembrandts

Since the start in 2012, Team Rembrandts has won 13 prizes and has managed to qualify 4 times for the First Championships.
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Apex Dynamics BV sponsor of Team Rembrandts

Apex Dynamics BV supports students engaged in technology and innovation as a sponsor of Team Rembrandts in the FIRST Robotics Competition.
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