Low-backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions


(UK) In de winter van 2018 rijdt Edwin ter Velde met een aantal gastrijders met een door zonne-energie aangedreven terreinwagen naar de geografische zuidpool. De tandwielkasten in dit 3D-geprinte voertuig zijn van Apex Dynamics en wij houden de laatste ontwikkelingen in dit project via deze pagina nauwlettend in de gaten. Winter 2018 lijkt nog ver weg maar de reis komt steeds dichtbij, de voorbereidingen zijn in volle gang.

Voor alle informatie over deze spectaculaire expeditie, ga naar de website van: clean2antarctica.

Latest Clean2Antarctica News

On Sunday October 15, Clean2Antarctica organized an afternoon at Tall Ship Morgenster for sponsors, partners, ambassadors and HexCore certificate holders. This to celebrate the project’s new phase. The “construction phase” is now over and most technical aspects have been solved. About 30 companies helped to realize this.

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Apex Dynamics BV is involved in the cleanest expedition ever, Clean2Antarctica. Energy neutral and zero-waste to the South Pole, follow this extremely special expedition through our website and youtube channel.

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In the winter of 2017 Edwin ter Velde and Wilco van Rooijen will drive to the geographic south pole with a solar-powered terrain car. The gearboxes in this 3D-printed vehicle are from Apex Dynamics and we keep an eye on the latest developments in this project. This article is an update because Edwin Ter Velde has not stopped since our previous post. The trip is now really close and the preparations are full in progress.

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An expedition to Antarctica is testing the limits of human perseverance and ingenuity. Wilco van Rooijen and Edwin ter Velde raise the bar even higher and will ride 2300 km in the winter of 2017 (it will be summer in Antarctica) with a solar-powered SUV across Antarctica to the geographic South Pole. Apex Dynamics sponsors the gearboxes for this revolutionary vehicle, built with existing clean technology and partly printed from waste material. What challenges will they confront and what does this require of our gearboxes? We are going to tell you more about this fantastic initiative contribution that we provided.

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