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Clean2Antarctica at Tall ship Morgenster

On Sunday October 15, Clean2Antarctica organized an afternoon at Tall Ship Morgenster for sponsors, partners, ambassadors and HexCore certificate holders. This to celebrate the project’s new phase. The “construction phase” is now over and most technical aspects have been solved. About 30 companies helped to realize this.

To get to Antactica you have to meet many demands, the most important thing is that everything must be ZeroWaste. You may not leave anything behind on this pristine continent and of course the CO2 emissions must be absolutely zero. The Solar Voyager has been tested by Arctic Trucks, a company that is authorize driving on Antarctica. They also provide the complete logistics of the expedition.

Tall ship Morgenster is the icon for the next phase of the project, the journey to Antarctica. This will be a very special phase, and that is what the team of Clean2Antarctica wants to celebrate with all the people involved. Hence this special afternoon on this unique ship.


With this ship, Clean2Antarctica will travel to the end of the inhabited world with youth from 18 to 23 years in 12 weeks. During this trip, they will not only learn about this beautiful ship, but they will also be challanged to do something special. To solve sustainability issues for industry and business.

The third phase will be the expedition with the Solar Voyager on the South Pole itself. A bisar journey, a harse expedition with the ultimate goal of proving that a circular society is possible.

Apex Dynamics BV will follow this expedition, you can follow us through our website and social media.