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Binary ratio for high-quality gearboxes, available immediately

In response to the current market demands, Apex Dynamics has expanded its AB and AF series with multiple transmission ratios. These high-end planetary gearboxes can be delivered immediately from stock with different (binary) ratios.

Where previously these series could be delivered with 21 (AB / AF) or 28 (ABR / AFR) ratios (!), these are now expanded with:

AB/AF 12, 16, 28 en 32
ABR/AFR  12, 16, 28, 32, 48 en 64

Benefits of binary ratio

The ratios 16, 32 and 64 are binary, a requirement in some applications because you can avoid rounding differences in continuous mode applications. This rounding difference could cause a printing roller to be out of line after a period of time or that the end point of a laser cutting table does not exactly arrive at the starting point. It could even cause unwanted stripes on a package of tear-offs (disposable visors for helmets in motorsport).

All gearboxes from Apex Dynamics have an absolute transmission ratio with the exception of the bevel gearbox of the AT (B) series with ratio 1.5 and the High-Torque variants with a ratio in a multiple of 5.5.

The delivery time for these new ratios is unchanged fast and the prices are equal to those of the existing gearboxes.

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