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Coaxial gearbox central in the EnerKite for wind energy

Kite flying, everyone has done it. The harder the wind blows, the more fun flying kites. With a fairly large kite and a little wind, you soon feel the extreme power. Company Enerkite knew this well. The German company has started to develop a mobile power source based on this wind energy. The result is a kite that fits into a standard shipping container. This extremely clean form of energy is now available worldwide for immediate use. Apex Dynamics provides the coaxial gearbox for this innovative project Enerkite, they chose the renowned Apex Dynamics AE coaxial gearbox and the right-angle AFR gearbox.

EnerKite: A kite that generates energy

Of course, the EnerKite is much more sophisticated than the average beach kite on a string. EnerKite is working in two phases according to the so-called reverse Yo-Yo concept.

1. During the power phase the wing flies cross-wind, unfurling the lines with optimal force and speed.
2. During the recovery phase the wing returns to the starting point as fast and smooth as possible with minimal energy expenditure.

A complete cycle takes about one minute. In contrast to conventional wind turbines, the electrical energy is generated on the ground. The kite generates energy at a height above the blades of conventional wind turbines where the wind is so hard which normally can only be achieved in coastal locations. Starting, operation and Kite landing are fully automatic.

enerkite-overzichtSpecifications EnerKite

The EnerKíte technology has the following features:

  • Maximum operational safety and reliability.
  • Short payback time (up to 4 years), depending on the location and application.
  • Uninterrupted power supply and energy management.
  • High occupancy rate to 70%.
  • Easy maintenance and repair.
  • Easy transport and installation.
  • Limited land seizure: 1 container and no visual pollution.
  • Operational within 1 day.

bild_seiltommeln_detailCoaxial gearbox – AE205 as central drive

The Apex Dynamics AE205 planetary gearbox is used as a central drive in the drum, which rotates itself. The housing of this coaxial gearbox is flanged to the cable drum, while a motor provides the main drive. An AFR220 right-angle gearbox ensures the start and the circular movements of the kite.

Apex Dynamics delivers a wide range of right-angle and coaxial gearboxes where performance and efficiency are their main features. Apex Dynamics coaxial gearboxes are characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio and high reliability.

Why a coaxial gearbox of Apex Dynamics?

bild_seiltommelnEnerKite has chosen Apex Dynamics because:

  • A planetary gearbox brings the highest torques at the smallest size.
  • Bringing in the kite must be done quickly, in other words at high speed. The selected coaxial gearbox can handle these high speed.
  • The construction of the coaxial planetary gearboxes allow reverse drive.
  • The coaxial planetary gearboxes have helical gears and are very silent (no noise pollution).
  • Service and support is provided in the global target markets of EnerKite.
  • Excellent price / quality ratio.

EnerKite is at the forefront when it comes to generating renewable energy, anywhere in the world. We are proud that we were allowed to “run faster” for this innovative company.

(Source: EnerKite)

Press release, Helmond 13/09/2016