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Sustainability and efficiency are high on the agenda, but for Apex Dynamics has this been essential since its inception. The European Commission has calculated that the efficiency of drive systems should be 20-30 % better in 2020 and Apex Dynamics contributes its part to this. 

The committee has translated this into extensive new guidelines in the field of motors, but does not calculate with losses in the rest of the drive train. If your calculations are being made with this in mind, much higher efficiencies can be achieved. As you expect from us, we run faster and would like to explain how this works .

In the catalogs of gearboxes the efficiency is often printed as a figure, but this is almost never explained WHAT exactly this number means! The efficiency given is for the gear-wheels ONLY! Other losses like bearing-losses, sealing-losses and pumping-losses are not included. These losses are directly depending on the gear temperature and the in- and output speed, but is almost independent of the load!

Logo_International_EfficienIn the design of our gearboxes we have taken measures to increase efficiency, like:

  • The seal on the input side – which has the highest speed – drags over a ring with the smallest possible diameter, and thus has the lowest circumferential speed.
  • The input bearing runs at a relative rotational speed, which is op to 33% lower than the input speed.
  • Ground or honed teeth of the sun gear, the planet gears and the satellite wheel reduces friction.
  • Pump-rings on the planet wheels for improved lubrication of the needle bearings.
  • The seal on the output shaft also drags on a hardened and ground ring for lowest friction.

This takes care of a significant difference of efficiency and performance between different types of gearboxes. A typical efficiency of a worm gear unit for instance ranges from 50-75%, but a planetary gearbox has an efficiency of 94-97 % !

The focus of Apex Dynamics is sustainability and efficiency throughout the supply chain. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with solar panels, heat-recovery units and recycling systems. In addition, our location in Helmond is equipped with geothermal systems and low- temperature heating, so we meet the latest EP (Energy Performance) standards.

Apex Dynamics runs faster, but we want to do this as efficient as possible!