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Front-plate with slotted holes for flexible gearbox mounting

How do you maintain flexibility when adjusting gearboxes? Sometimes the adjustment of gearboxes in a frame has to be very accurate, for example when adjusting a pinion on a rack or when aligning an over-determined construction. In that case it would be easy to give the gearbox not a fixed position in the frame but to make the gearbox relative adjustable to the frame.

Applying slotted holes

Normally you would position the gearbox through the centering edge -with tolerance g6 or h6- and fix with bolts. But in certain constructions or when adjusting a pinion, it is optimal not to fix the box in advance. This is easily achieved by so-called slotted holes.

In the case of slotted holes, the bolt holes are elongated, as a result of which the flange of the gearbox can move relative to the machine frame. Almost everyone has used this principle; when tensioning a bicycle chain you can, due to the (open) slotted hole, shift the wheel in such a way that the chain is nicely tight.

Front plate with slotted holes

If slotted holes are practical for you, then the centering edge does not make much sense since you do not center. That’s why Apex Dynamics has engineered a front-plate that is equipped with slotted holes and a flat front! Ideal for making an adjustment against, for example, a flat machine frame. And because of this construction method, the center of the shaft is close to the flange, which means that the radial forces can be absorbed better.

This front plate can be mounted AE- and PEII-series gearboxes and on the right-angle gearboxes AER and PEIIR. Drawings of these front plates can be made on request and adjusted individually.

Advantages of slotted holes

  • Gearboxes with spur or helical teeth, fitting to the application.
  • Straight and Right-Angle version.
  • Ratio 3:1 up to 200:1.
  • Complete stainless steel execution possible

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