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Expansion of range with MF/MFK and MD/MDK series gearboxes

Two new series of gearboxes, what do they add to the Apex Dynamics program? Our models with output shaft and output (robot) flange are successful and with these new series we combine the strong properties of different gearbox designs. In this article we explain what the specific properties of the new MF/MFK and MD/MDK series are. And, perhaps just as important, how to position it in the already very extensive range of high-end gearboxes from APEX DYNAMICS.

Before we discuss in detail the properties of first the MF/MFK series and then the MD/MDK series, we would like to give you an idea of the position of both series in our product program. The MF/MFK series is the same as the AFH/AFHK series in terms of construction and dimensions, while the output side is the same as the AF/AFR and AFX/AFXR series. In terms of dimensions and construction on the output side, the MD/MDK series is the same as the AH/AHK series with a robot flange (ISO9409). We would like to go into each series in more detail to give you an idea of how the properties of the series mentioned relate to each other.

MF/MFK series gearboxes

AFH serie high torque tandwielkast Apex Dynamics

The new MF/MFK series has the same design and dimensions as the AFH/AFHK series. If you look at the output side, these are also the same as the very successful AF/AFR and AFX/AFXR series. This makes it always possible to interchange these series without modifications in the application.

One of the main differences in features is the housing. Just like the AFH/AFHK, the MF/MFK has a steel (black epoxy-coated) housing and a steel output shaft. The AF/AFR and AFX/AFXR series have a housing and output shaft in stainless steel (SUS416).

All these versions are equipped with a Viton seal, which runs over a hardened and ground surface for optimal sealing. As an output shaft for all these versions you can choose between a smooth shaft (S1), a shaft with keyway (S2), a spline DIN5480 (S3) and in some cases even a hollow shaft with shrink disc (S4).

The MF/MFK series is internally constructed in such a way that it can often absorb higher radial forces, resulting in a higher tilting moment M2K. This is an interplay between the bearings, the material used, after-treatment and the design. The standard backlash is ≤ 3 for the 1-stage and ≤ 4 arc minutes for the 2-stage version. For more precise applications, the AFH/AFHK offers the best solution.

Right angle gearbox

In the right-angled variant (the MFK series), there are many more possibilities by using a Hypoid front stage, for which we would like to refer you to our extensive product pages.

Just like the AFH/AFHK, the new MF/MFK series is available in sizes 060 to 240, in contrast to the AF/AFR and AFX/AFX-R, which we can supply in small sizes (042). These series also only go up to a maximum size of 220 and 180 respectively.

The graphical overview below provides a good insight into the positioning of the MF/MFK series compared to the other series mentioned:

Gearbox robot flange: MD/MDK series

AH serie heavy duty tandwielkast met uitgaande flens ISO 9409 Apex Dynamics

APEX DYNAMICS already has a very extensive range of gearboxes with an output flange, or an ISO9409 robot flange. The new MD/MDK is an additional addition that is interesting for use in robots and, for example, turntables.

The MD/MDK is the same as the AH/AHK series in terms of design and dimensions on the output side, with an ISO9409 steel output flange and a black epoxy-coated steel housing.

The biggest difference is in the backlash, allowable torque and the price level. Because not every application needs to be extremely precise, but it does need to be dynamic and with a high tilting moment, the MD/MDK series offers an interesting option. The backlash of this type is ≤ 3 arc minutes for the 1-stage version. The 2-stage version has ≤ 3 arc minutes. Like all other gearboxes in this series, a Viton seal is used for optimal sealing. The lubricant is our commonly used gel as standard, but can be adjusted optionally. For example, with Food Grade NSF-H1 approved lubricant.

APEX DYNAMICS has developed the AP “Apex Performance” High Torque gearbox for the very highly dynamic delta robots. Unlike all other planetary gearboxes from APEX DYNAMICS, this series has four planet gears. In combination with the extremely low backlash, the ideal gearbox for highly accurate and highly dynamic pick & place applications.

With a housing and output flange in stainless steel, the AD/ADR series is particularly suitable for applications in the food-related industry.

With the MD/MDK series, which lies between the AD/ADR and AH/AHK series in terms of performance, APEX DYNAMICS has even more choice to select the right gearbox for every application.

The graphical representation below clearly shows how the MD/MDK series profiles itself compared to the other series:

Immediately available

Both the MF/MFK and the MD/MDK series are already fully included in our Design Tool, where the drawings can be downloaded in 2D and 3D for mount to any desired servo motor.

Most products from the MF/MFK and MD/MDK series are already in stock at our factory in Taiwan, so the delivery time, as with all our products, is approximately 3 weeks after order.

Application MF/MFK and MD/MDK

Some applications where the MF/MFK and MD/MDK may be a more optimal choice:

  • Rack and pinion drives
  • Branch tables
  • Packaging machines
  • Positioning belts, where accuracy is important
  • Medical industry
  • Pick and place robots

If you have any questions about this new series and how to place it in the already extensive range of planetary gearboxes from APEX DYNAMICS, please contact us for more information.