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Maintenance on the gearboxes of URE13, essential

Part of building a Formula Student race car is maintaining it. Pushing the car to its limits during competition and during testing means that you maintain it, to keep it in optimal shape.
Team URE does this maintenance in their own workshop. This post will be part of a series where they explore their workshop and everything they do within it – under the name: Workshop Wednesdays!

Currently, the team is doing major maintenance of the URE13. The car has survived and prospered during the racing season but has also suffered under stress.
Because tey are going to start testing again, they have taken apart the entire final drive to test the state of the gearwheels inside.
This is done at the Equipment & Prototyping Center of the TU Eindhoven. Luckily, since their partners involved in creating the wheels did an excellent job, the gearwheels are still ready to be pushed to the limit. Ready for tomorrow!