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Hypoïd High-End right-angle gearboxes!

Also in the high-end segment Apex Dynamics continues to invest. That’s why we are launching a completely new Hypoid gearbox, the K series. Besides the right-angle planetary and bevel gearboxes this is the 3rd form of right-angle gearboxes we can provide. Previously we have already published an article about our bevel gears

How does our Hypoid gearbox work

When to use a Hypoid gearbox?

These are generally used for high-precision reductions in dynamic applications, for instance with a hollow-shaft design. With Hypoid gears the teeth are rolling over each other so that the output efficiency is high. For a single stage a 3: 1 up to 10: 1 reduction can be achieved. Due to the possible high dynamic input, an integrated motor shaft length compensation is integrated.

A special feature of this new series of hypoid gearboxes is that the rotation direction of the output shaft is the same as the rotation direction of the servomotor shaft. Most other brands rotate in the opposite direction.

The new K-series is available in five versions:

KH : through hollow shaft with flange ISO9409
KF-S1 : single output smooth shaft
KF-S2 : single output shaft with key
KF-S3 : single output spline shaft according to ISO 5480
KF-S4 : double output hollow shaft with shrink disc

The advantage of the spline output shaft is much torque can be transferred to a
small diameter. For example: you can use very small pinions in a rack applications.

Each type of gearbox is available in seven sizes, with ratio of 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10. A backlash of <3 arc minutes is default. Because of the over-dimensioned bearings the axial and radial forces can be very high.

Typical applications for this type of gear applications are: automotive, robotics, and (silent) drives for attractions in amusement parks and chairlifts.

So with this new hypoid gearbox range, also in terms of product innovations: Apex Dynamics run faster!

Press release Helmond, September 11, 2015