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Servosoft database with Apex gearboxes, racks and pinions

How do you determine the various options for a gearbox, rack and pinion? Applications sometimes have limited space or a very specific technical requirement for a mechanical drive, but often different solutions are possible. Servosoft software makes it easy to choose the right combination of drive components for your application. Now all Apex Dynamics products are included in the Servosoft database.

SERVOsoft is an indispensable tool for drive systems suppliers, machine manufacturers, mechanical, electrical and application engineers who work with servo systems. SERVOsoft® sizes complete multi-axis servo systems including rotary and linear motors, gear motors, gearboxes, couplings, linear actuators, pumps, drives, inverters, infeed, bleeder, capacitor and energy storage modules, with 15 mechanisms and up to 50 axes in a shared bus or stand-alone configuration.

Gearbox, rack and pinion

Now you can size all Apex Dynamics gearboxes, rack and pinion products in Servosoft. Gearboxes included are from our Medium-end till our (Ultra)High-end. Pinion products include Curvic Coupling , Welded Plate, Teeth Plate, Spline, Keyway and shaft connection versions. This allows an engineer to easily compare specifications, check component compatibility and ultimately choose the solution that best suits the application.

“Most of our products are geometrically interchangeable, but that does not mean that it is easy to find the right gearbox, rack and pinion combination for an application,” says Thom van Oss, director of Apex Dynamics BV. “With this software, an engineer can work out the various possibilities much more easily and come to the right solution for his specific application.”

Servosoft update

Thanks to Apex Dynamics Inc. USA, all Apex Dynamics products are available through an update in the general Servosoft database. In addition, in the latest version of Servosoft a so-called “connection check” for AP specific pinions and the Curvic Plate solution (APC) will be added.

Services of Apex Dynamics

Do you not have a Servosoft license but still want to determine the right gearbox, rack and pinion combination for your mechanical drive solution? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.