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Dutch SmeshGear lets planetary gearbox run faster

Have you heard about the motorcycle of Eindhoven University who travelled 26,000 kilometres in 80 days? The team developed the eponymous STORM electric motorcycle specifically for this trial. Besides the well-known challenges: electric drive, batteries and cartridges, the team had a special focus in our field: the transmission. The team chose a very special variant of a planetary gearbox, the SmeshGear which is developed in the Netherlands. The drive for this motorcycle was crucial for this exceptional performance and that is why we give it extra attention.

What makes this drive so special?

The table below shows at a glance why team STORM opted for a transmission with SmeshGear:


Note: Although the SmeshGear system can be applied at our gearboxes, Apex Dynamics has no contribution to the STORM project. We write about this this transmission because of its news value and technique of the Dutch innovation.

What is SmeshGear?

Smesh is an acronym for Smart Easy SHifting. SmeshGear is a transmission that can be shifted under full load whilst maintaining a permanent mechanical connection and applied in every shape and size of a drive system. SmeshGear is applicable to a small electric motor of a compressor, but also in a hydroelectric turbine. The big advantage is the high efficiency. Thus, the range and the speed range, for example of an electric car with a SmeshGear, significantly increases. The principle – a planetary gearbox that is used in various ways – is simple. The invention and a brief technical explanation is shown in the movie below.

Benefits planetary gearbox with SmeshGear

This principle has the following advantages:

  • higher electrical efficiency, meaning a possible up to 40% greater range;
  • much larger speed range;
  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Regeneration is / remains possible;
  • much higher starting torque.

By applying the SmeshGear, more compact and lighter machines can be constructed which often also consume less energy, and therefore also less heavy requirements for infrastructures. SmeshGear can be used by manufacturers of electric (motor) bikes, trucks and cars. And of course in industrial applications (think roller conveyors, lathes or battery powered tool).


Planetary gearbox with SmeshGear make transport more environmentally friendly

SmeshGear offers, among other solutions, an environmentally friendly way of supplying into inner cities. This is a challenge in the transport sector given the impending legislation in this area. The reduction of Co2 and increasing the range are issues that are high on the agenda in the automotive sector. But SmeshGear makes both possible. In the industrial sector, increasing machine efficiency and widening applications is relevant.

The owner of SmeshGear patent

Smesh BV is licensee of the same named patent and can develop your SmeshGear tailor made for your transmissions and for any application. In the near future there also will be standard drive modules available. For more information visit their website or if you have a question, ask him directly by email:

SmeshGear and a Apex Dynamics planetary gearbox?

Of course you can also use the planetary gearboxes from Apex Dynamics as a basis for SmeshGear. Specifically, our AD, AE, PD and PEII series planetary gearboxes can be used for this purpose.

In conclusion, the reason we share this information is because we think SmeshGear is a very innovative and interesting concept: The combination Apex Dynamics + SmeshGear ensures that not only we, but also your application can run faster. Literally!

Press Release Helmond, 05-12-2016