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Gearboxes for rotation arms, feed and discharge belts for the food industry

Selecting the right gearbox for use in the food industry can be quite a challenge. The extensive program of Apex Dynamics, in which stainless steel is a standard, is almost always able to provide a suitable solution. We can say that, but it is even better to show this in practice. One of our customers in this industry recently spoke in one of the Dutch industrial magazines.

One of our customers – PWR, a manufacturer of machines and robots for use in the food industry – speaks extensively in Mechatronics & Machinebouw. In the article, their technology manager looks at various developments and explains how they respond to them as a specialist. Such as Internet of Things (IoT) applications:

“I think it is mainly an industrial push. You can do a lot with IoT technology, but our customers are not yet thinking in that direction. In addition, we have been recording all important machine data for a long time. We know exactly how many strokes the robots have taken. This allows us to monitor very closely when we need to check or replace parts. Since our distribution software ensures that all robots are equally loaded, it is also of low added value to collect information about each individual motor. We can all build it in just fine, but as long as the customers don’t want to pay for it, we won’t start so quickly.”

The article also focuses on the cooperation with Apex Dynamics, we supply gearboxes for many rotary arms and almost all supply and discharge belts. Thom van Oss says about this:

“Our advantage is that we now have 66 product series, about half of them are made of stainless steel. If you put food-grade lubricants in it, you have a gearbox that immediately meets the requirements of PWR. ”

The complete article also pays attention to:

  • The need to build smaller and more accessible machines
  • Standardization
  • Camera systems
  • Delta robots

Read the full article on Mechatronica & Machinebouw

Source : Mechatronica & Machinebouw
Text and photo’s : Alexander Pil and PWR