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Stainless steel / Inox gearbox for food and other demanding applications

Apex Dynamics has been known for years for its standard stainless steel gearbox from the AE/AER series. This round housing gearbox has a stainless steel or Inox housing and output shaft. In combination with the Viton seals and helical teeth, this is the ideal solution for demanding applications in, among others, the food, packaging, processing, pharma and offshore. But what if you need a completely stainless steel gearbox? Then our AES/AERS series is the answer.

Full stainless steel gearbox: including SS adapter plate

The adapter plate of the AE/AER gearbox is standard made of black anodized aluminum, but some applications require a completely stainless steel drive. In addition, full stainless steel or Inox servo motors are becoming more and more common. These are the two main reasons for the development of a separate, completely stainless steel series of gearboxes: the AES/AERS series.

Because the basis is the same as the AE / AER series, the specifications have remained the same. There is also no degradation of the specifications due to the use of Food Grade lubricant.

Inox gearbox

This completely stainless steel or Inox gearbox is also included in our design tool, combined with a large number of completely stainless steel motors. It is therefore very easy to make the selection in our Design Tool and download the drawings of the gearbox with suitable round stainless steel adapter plate. This creates a hygienic combination of servo motor and gearbox.

Technical features of the AES/AER

The main features of our AES/AERS stainless steel gearbox are:

  • Size 50/70/90/120/155
  • Standatd provided with Food Grade lubricant (without derating of the specifications)
  • Available both straight (AES) and right-angled (AERS)
  • Stainless steel key is stamdard supplied (DIN 6885 / p9!)
  • Helical teeth, low vibration and noise level
  • Nominal torques up to 650 Nm
  • Gear ratio from 3: 1 to 200: 1
  • Low backlash

The brochure and more information of the AES and AERS can be found under the previous links on our website or contact us.