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Calculate linear drive for automatic pallet nailing table

How do I calculate the linear drive of my new machine? Apex Dynamics often supports engineers when the machine is still just a concept. This was also the case at Algemeen Pallet Centrum BV, which invented a fully automatic nailing table. In this article we tell you more about the application and how we answered APC’s initial question. The table is now operational!

Henk Tolkamp, the technical conscience at Algemeen Pallet Centrum BV (APC), recently contacted Apex Dynamics for the drive of a nailer. Currently, the 2.5 to 3 meter long pallets are “nailed” by hand and Henk has devised a table in which the pallets are nailed together fully automatically. Comparable machines are available on the market, but not according to APC’s wishes. The nailing table from APC has an XY table with a freely adjustable multifunction jig and 5 nailers mounted on it that can drive nails from 30 to 90 mm into the wood. The X-axis has a double drive and the Y-axis has a single drive. With his question we received an example of the concept.

But how do you calculate such a linear drive? And what forces and accuracies can be expected?

Calculate linear drive

Apex Dynamics made the calculations for Henk and carried out the selection of products. The selected products together with the (specifications of the) servomotors form the basis of this system.

“I didn’t know how else I would get this data, without estimating and thus heavily over-sizing. Now, I know the exact forces (N) and the accuracy in millimetres.” – Henk Tolkamp, Algemeen Pallet Centrum

The calculations led to the selection of the PEII series of gearboxes, combined with helical toothed module 2 racks of 2 meters in length and pinions on a stub shaft.

In the meantime, the first nail table is working satisfactorily and after an endurance test, 3 additional machines are being built; 1 for APC and another 2 for APV’s German sister branch.

Collaboration Apex Dynamics

Henk had the following to say about the collaboration with Apex Dynamics:

“The collaboration with Apex Dynamics is pleasant and the employees are knowledgeable. The calculations have helped us enormously and the products have a good price/quality ratio. Our goal is to make 40 pallets per hour, which we will test starting next week.”

Do you also have a question, for example about calculating a linear drive or the combination of a servo motor with a gearbox?

Contact Apex Dynamics. We always respond quickly and to the point, so you can quickly take the next step.

About Algemeen Pallet Centrum BV (APC)

General Pallet Centrum BV (APC) is part of the Wensink Group and has specialized for more than 30 years in the purchase and sale of new and used pallets, crates, boxes and collars. These wooden packaging materials are supplied in any desired size and design, at an affordable price. APC is an important partner for companies that decide not to keep pallets in stock due to storage space and cost considerations. With its own fleet, APC quickly supplies its customers with new pallet stocks as soon as this is necessary.

The completeness of the range, the large stocks and fast deliveries enable APC to serve both food and non-food industries. In principle, they are always able to deliver within 24 hours, at a competitive price and without compromising on quality. The company is small-scale and flexible and responds to the fact that customers no longer want to have large stocks. Customers expect fast delivery and APC can do that!