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IndustryID, your personal training passport

Did you know that the APEXPerience is included in IndustryID?
IndustryID is a personal training passport in which all your diplomas and skills are recorded. Handy, because if you take on a new assignment or change employers, you can simply take this with you. A tool for lifelong learning and development. We are pleased that the APEXperience program has been given a place in this.

“With the APEXperience we want to ensure that knowledge of gearboxes, racks and pinions, and lubrication systems is available to more people,” says Thom van Oss, director of Apex Dynamics Benelux. “From AVG to robot arm or delta robot, our products are used in a wide variety of applications. But new, young engineers are also coming in all the time, and they sometimes lack the knowledge of our fundamental products. This makes it more difficult to apply them properly or there is a risk of errors. By going through the APEXperience you can prevent this and learn to select the optimal components.”

All your training and certificates registered

You are working in technology. Every day you maintain machines on which entire production processes depend. It is therefore important that you regularly follow training courses.

With IndustryID you can keep track of all your certificates and training in your online profile.

Certainty about authenticity through double checking

When you do a training, the trainer supplements your profile with the training sessions you have completed.
Afterwards, a check always takes place by the IndustryID organization. This means there is complete certainty about authenticity.

Your qualifications are always transparent

IndustryID is always at hand with your card. By scanning the NFC chip or QR code on the card with a phone, you can give someone access to your online profile.

​It therefore forms an industrial admission ticket, with which you can show clients what work you can and may carry out.

Your IndustryID, how do you request it?

Very simple. You create your profile via If you then follow an education or training course, your trainer will give you your pass that you can link to your IndustryID profile. With this card you can show people, such as clients or employers, the training you have completed by having them scan the QR code or NFC chip. This gives them certainty about your skills.

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Which courses can you register?

There are many education companies who already use IndustryID to register the training of their students. Afterwards, these trainers complete your IndustryID profile, with which you can demonstrate that you have successfully completed the training or education.

From now on you can also register the APEXperience, so complete this e-learning program and record it on your IndustryID card.