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Delivery from stock helps technical wholesalers

AF serie high speed tandwielkast Apex DynamicsNeed an exact replacement for a planetary gearbox? We regularly receive urgent requests and recently one came in that we handled very decisively. From problem to a replacement gearbox took less than 3 working days! Technical wholesaler IP Duursma asked Apex Dynamics for the exact replacement of an existing gearbox from the AF series.

IP Duursma is the technical wholesaler for the industry, with a history of 125 years! With local branches and expert employees, they make a difference throughout the Netherlands. Duursma is more than just a technical wholesaler. Drive technology has traditionally been in their DNA and this is reflected in the service & repair workshops and assembly center.

The IP Duursma branch in Deventer contacted Apex Dynamics for an urgent request:

“Due to a possible machine downtime I would like to receive with priority a price and delivery time for an Apex Dynamics planetary gearbox type AF-140-S2-P2.”

Our contact not only provided the serial number, but also stated the ratio (003:1) and desired backlash (≤5 arc/min). The current gearbox was produced in 2008 and had been in the machine for approximately 140,000 hours. And now it was making strange noises so replacement was necessary.

Delivery from stock

Apex Dynamics can assemble and ship any gearbox in its factory within 24 hours, but then it still has to be sent to the Netherlands and that takes a few – expensive – days. Fortunately, all European Apex Dynamics branches can look at each other’s stock, and we saw that an identical gearbox was in stock in Germany and Poland.

The request that was received on Friday, April 5, immediately became an order on Monday, April 8. The gearbox was delivered to the customer the next day. And what does that cost? Apart from the transport costs from Germany to Deventer, this whole operation did not cost anything extra! The customer is satisfied and can produce again without any problems for the next 140,000 hours.

Quickly replace a low-backlash gearbox?

Do you need a quick replacement of a low-backlash gearbox, even if it is not an Apex Dynamics box? Then contact Apex Dynamics and be surprised by how fast we run for you. We respond quickly and you will know in no time which solution we can offer, at what price.