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Servo Gearbox Converter App: always and quickly the right alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to a type of gearbox from another brand? As a challenger in the market, we receive this question very regularly. With our 74 series gearboxes we almost always offer a suitable solution, both geometrically and in terms of specifications such as torques, backlash, mass inertia and forces. But how do you find the right one? That’s why Apex Dynamics developed a Servo Gearbox Converter App that makes this a lot easier.

An alternative for every gearbox

Due to our experience we can select these alternatives instandly, but to make it easier, our colleagues from Apex Dynamics LTD. in the UK developed the Apex Dynamics Servo Gearbox Converter app. This app is available for both Android and iOS. Download the app via the Google Play Store or App Store and find your alternative gearbox in no time.

Simple user interface

  1. The procedure is simple: The app is very user-friendly and requires no login details.
  2. Country of application: Enter the country from which you are sending the application so that you will receive the contact details of your local Apex Dynamics office at the end.
  3. Manufacturer: Enter the brand for which you want an alternative. The app contains currently the largest players in the market.
  4. Type and size: Specify the type and size of the gearbox.
  5. Ratio: Enter the gear ratio.
  6. Additional specifications: For some series additional questions are asked, such as the backlash (backlash class 1 or S standard, 0 or R reduced) and shaft type (A or 0 = smooth shaft, B or 1 = shaft with keyway, 3 = spline or involute axis).

Immediate results and contact options

After entering the information, click on “Convert to Apex product” and you will see the type number of the Apex Dynamics alternative. With one click on “Call us for a quote” you will immediately receive the correct telephone number to call.

Extensive support

If the brand for which you want an alternative is not listed here, please contact Apex Dynamics directly. We can also quickly help with older (obsolete) gearboxes with low backlash thanks to our extensive archive.

Available for free

The app is available immediately and can be downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play Store.