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PTG Holroyd turns to Apex Dynamics for grinding machine gearboxes

Why are precision and reliability crucial in the world of high-quality mechanical engineering? This article explains how PTG Holroyd, experts in producing helical components for various sectors, collaborates with Apex Dynamics to meet the strict requirements of their straight grinders. The focus is on Apex’s APC and AD series of planetary gearboxes, known for their high torque and precision. Discover how this collaboration has strengthened PTG Holroyd’s technical capabilities, thanks to the excellent customer service and fast delivery by Apex Dynamics.

PTG Holroyd Precision Technologies Group

Founded in 1860, and with more than a century of experience in the manufacture of helical components, Precision Technologies Group (PTG) company PTG Holroyd is a world-leader in its field. It produces high-precision gear, rotor, screw and thread milling and grinding machines for a range of sectors including the compressor industry. All PTG Holroyd products are built to exacting specifications in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, by a team of expert engineers, fitters and electricians.

Gearboxes are an integral part of PTG Holroyd’s technology as they drive the axes in its machines, making accuracy and precision key. The company had very specific requirements for output torque, accuracy and product dimensions, and was looking for the gearboxes that best fulfilled them.

PTG Holroyd approached planetary gearbox specialist Apex Dynamics with a set of tight specifications for its helical grinding machines, which Apex was able to meet with its APC and AD series of gearboxes.

High-performance components

Working alongside PTG Holroyd’s engineers and design teams, Apex Dynamics UK identified the best possible products for the machine tool manufacturer’s helical grinding machines. This prompted PTG Holroyd to use Apex Dynamics for a number of its planetary gearboxes.

The specific Apex Dynamics’ high precision planetary gearboxes best-suited to PTG Holroyd’s helical grinders were from the APC-Series of rotary flange style gearboxes (with 55 to 1 ratio) and the Apex AD-Series of compact gearboxes (with 50 to 1 ratio).
APC serie tandwielkast met Curvic Plate Apex Dynamics Both Apex Dynamics product ranges deliver high torque, low backlash of less than 1 arc-minute and superior levels of accuracy; ideal for PTG Holroyd machines.

The APC-Series comes with a patented curvic coupling output, giving a high concentricity, low runout, high torque, zero backlash connection. Its case hardened and ground gearing offers high accuracy and high wear resistance for the gear train, and by adding a fourth planetary gear torque capacity is boosted by up to 25%.

The compact helical, one-piece planetary cage design of the Apex AD series provides PTG Holroyd with a range of benefits, including the stiffest and most accurate rotating flange design currently on the market. It can deliver superior accuracy of less than 1 arc-minute with as short as 70mm flange to flange, making it capable of fitting into the smallest spaces.

Strong customer service

PTG Holroyd has praised the reliability, strong customer support and engineering knowhow provided by Apex Dynamics UK, which has worked closely with the Rochdale business to ensure its precision planetary gearboxes are supplied quickly.

Purchasing products directly from Apex Dynamics means PTG Holroyd is able to take advantage of the excellent delivery times Apex offers its customers. Apex Dynamics UK guarantees delivery within 3-4 weeks and provides a total supply package of high-quality products, accurate and efficient quotes, fast delivery, good customer service, excellent technical information and ongoing support.

Philip Hart, PTG Holroyd technical director, says: “We have been using Apex Dynamics products for some time in our machines and have been very pleased with the relationship we have built with the company. When we looked for the correct gearboxes for our high precision applications, we found Apex Dynamics products to be very reliable and able to meet our high standards for speed, accuracy and precision at the interface between motor and machine.”

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Source: Apex Dynamics UK
Writer: Industrial Technology