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30% smaller size for low-backlash high-end gearboxes

Are you looking for a low-backlash gearbox with a smaller size? Apex Dynamics offers several series of high-end gearboxes that offer a unique solution. In this article we discuss when low-backlash gearboxes with a smaller size are used and why the Apex Dynamics program is unique.

Servo technology

Many machine builders in the Benelux design mechatronic solutions based on servo technology. Over the years we see servo motors becoming more powerful, cheaper, more accurate, but certainly also smaller. That is a nice trend that ensures that this market grows healthily every year. But the development towards smaller solutions also brings challenges.

In many cases, such a small motor – with a nominal torque of less than 2 Nm and a shaft of 11 mm or less – also needs a gearbox. To achieve larger output torque, reduce speed, match inertia and/or accommodate higher radial and axial forces. Machine builders often find small medium-end gearboxes (with spur teeth) for this purpose, but no high-end gearboxes (with helical teeth). While the first typically start with a (actually overdone) frame size of 60 or 70 mm. 30% bigger!

Why is it difficult to find suitable high-end gearboxes? Because manufacturers need highly accurate and complex machines to make such gearbox, together with good gearbox design and assembly know-how. All disciplines that Apex Dynamics fortunately has already in house.

Low-backlash gearboxes with smaller sizes

Apex Dynamics therefore offers a solution: The AB and AF series offer high-end gearboxes with a size of only 42 (!) mm, nominal torques of up to 22 Nm and a backlash of <1 arcminutes. The output shaft can be provided with a keyway or smooth shaft and the fitting motor flange, Apex Dynamics is taking care of. With 25 ratios in a straight version and another 36 in an right-angle version, there is always a gearbox that fits exactly.

If you don’t want an output shaft but an (ISO9409 or robot) output flange, Apex Dynamics also has a solution: The AD047. Super compact but powerful!

Application of compact gearboxes

Some applications of this series of compact gearboxes:

  • Rotation axes for robots. (Selection criterion: Dynamic)
  • Mirror positioning in the HighTech industry (Selection criterion: Accurate)
  • Targeting security cameras for defense. (Selection criterion : Vibration free)
  • Motion Feedback system for joystick simulators. (Selection criterion : Compact)
  • Grippers for articulated arm robots. (Selection criterion : Compact and weight)

Moreover, these gearboxes can be used in challenging environments, such as ATEX environments, in a vacuum, cleanrooms and so on.

Are you interested in Apex Dynamics’ super-compact solution? Then contact us now: