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Introduction new P2 Economic series

Apex Dynamics delivers from Q1 2013 the new P2-series gearboxes, the latest addition to the product line of gearboxes with reduced backlash. With a completely new design of the successful P-series Apex achieved improvements in weight, size, backlash, noise and rigidity. With the new P2-series Apex Dynamics will be able to approach on its own unique way  – based on intensive personal contact and full service – even more markets and applications.The experience of Apex Dynamics with the successful P-series has result in a number of important changes. We have chosen for labyrinth seals on the input side, plasma nitride power-honed gears, and a new clamping system for the motor shaft. Due to renewing thorough these techniques for the P2-series we achieved the following improvements:

  • Reduction of weight (up to -44%)
  • More compact design (up to -15%)
  • Reduced backlash (up to -16%)
  • Lower noise (up to -12%)
  • Higher stiffnes (up to +15%)


Apex Dynamics, active in the Benelux market since 2006, claimed a significant market share with focus on intensive personal contact and service of the highest level. We work together primarily with leading manufacturers and distributors of servomotors and machine building companies and intent to extend this further in coming period. The new P2-series makes this possible because these gearboxes can also be used in applications requiring a low backlash (7 arcmin.) and lower inertia than we could deliver before.

Apex Dynamics runs faster

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Press release February 1, 2013, Helmond