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The launch of the APEXperience

On Thursday, November 23, Apex Dynamics BV made every effort to thoroughly test its new e-learning platform, APEXperience. Thom, the company’s director, invited Team Rembrants to take part in this first test. In just one afternoon, the young technicians gained in-depth knowledge of Apex Dynamics’ gearboxes, racks, and pinions. For further details on what the APEXperience involves, please refer to the complete article!

“With the APEXperience we want to make knowledge about our world accessible to everyone. Whether you have a technical background or not, the APEXperience is for everyone”

What is the APEXperience

The APEXperience is an online education platform and on this platform we want to share in-depth knowledge about our company and our products. Not only in terms of how to apply them correctly, but also by providing insight into situations where they better should not be used.

Why the APEXperience

“Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that customers order the wrong gearbox or racks. If they then install them, there is a good chance that it will not fit, or worse, that they will eventually become damaged or even cause damage. We want to prevent that with the help of the APEXperience”

That is why we developed the APEXperience. We want to give anyone who is interested the opportunity to learn more and be inspired by our world. Our relations particularly benefit from the APEXperience, as it enables them to select the correct gearboxes or racks for their machines. Thanks to APEXperience, they have the necessary knowledge and resources to make the right decisions.

The first guinea pigs

When launching an online platform, it is also important to conduct extensive testing. Team Rembrants has been invited for beta testing. This is a young team specialized in developing robots that must perform complex tasks to defeat their opponents in the FIRST Robotics Competition, or the prefect guinea pigs. Because these students like a challenge, we definitely didn’t want to make the science test boring and ordinary, so we made it a bit more exciting for the students. We have turned it into a competition, with a prize for the winning player.

Quote from the winner: “I learned a lot that I can apply at Team Rembrants, including how to get the correct information about engines and gearboxes from certain data sheets. These are things that will come in very handy during the season! ”

As a participant you can also win a prize!

We look forward to our relations using the APEXperience themselves. This not only gives them a much better idea of what we as Apex Dynamics have to offer, but also insight into the many possibilities and limitations of our products. And that is not all. To further motivate everyone to complete the APEXperience with a good result, we have a nice reward!

Firstly, you will receive a certificate in recognition of the achievement and dedication (this can be shared via LinkedIn). But you will also receive a glass trophy containing a gearbox with rack and pinion. A fun way to show all your colleagues that you have successfully completed the APEXperience. It is not only a beautiful trophy, but also a source of inspiration for others to be part of the APEXperience. And finally, the certificate is also added to your IndustryID, the industry-wide professional passport.