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NEMA dimensions available for several Apex Dynamics gearboxes

Apex Dynamics supplies a range of medium and high-end gearboxes with NEMA dimensions on the output side. These gearboxes are equipped with a NEMA head flange, but with a metric output shaft. The gearboxes can be used as ‘drop-in’ in various applications. Obviously, all Apex Dynamics gearboxes can be mounted to NEMA stepper and servo motors. All gearboxes are available from stock within two weeks.

NEMA dimensions are a standard that has been adopted from outside the United States, mainly by Asian manufacturers and machine builders. This for Europe, non-standard Imperial dimensions are sometimes challenging for our combinations. We like to take away this concern, therefore Apex Dynamics developed custom adapter plates and NEMA head flanges.

NEMA dimensions at Apex Dynamics gearboxes

Gearboxes combined with NEMA stepper or servomotor are supplied with an adapter plate on the input side. This specifically for stepper and servo motors with B5 input flange with sizes NEMA 17, 23, 34, 42 and 56.

Gearboxes used in applications with NEMA dimensions at the output side can be executed with a NEMA 23, 34, 42 and 56 head flange and a metric output shaft. This is possible for the PEII, PEIIR, AE and AER series straight and right-angle gearboxes, available with ratio 3: 1 up to 200: 1 and with a backlash of <6 arc minutes. This is the lowest backlash from all suppliers of NEMA planetary gearboxes.


NEMA stands for “National Electrical Manufacturers Association”, which was established in 1926 and is an American body for the electro technical industry with approx. 450 American members. These members are manufacturers of motors, generators, gearboxes, switches, etc. (Members are EG Eaton, General Electric, WAGO, etc.). NEMA has published since that time, about 600 standards and numerous documents, white papers and preferences.

Press release, March 2017