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Newsletter December 2015

The last newsletter of the year 2015, and again loaded with all sorts of interesting topics. And traditionally, of course we always look back briefly to the past year. As announced at the end of last year, Apex Dynamics introduced several new products in 2015. It’s nice to see that many of these articles are already ordered and even nicer that our customers are extremely satisfied with the performance of the new products.
In 2015 Apex Dynamics BV was frequently in the picture! For example, at events and in various professional magazines. That has not been unnoticed, given the many positive responses we have received. We certainly will continue this for the next year.

We continue to keep everyone informed through our newsletter and news blog on our website. Below you will find some examples of these.

3D-betonprinterKing-size 3D printer

During the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven University of Technology has demonstrated a King-size 3D-concrete printer. A fantastic technical showcase, which includes several gearboxes of Apex Dynamics. This 3D printer can print objects of 11 meters long, 5 meters wide and 4 meters high; in concrete!
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Iphone-manufacturing15.000 gearboxes

Such a request is every manufacturers dream: “can you deliver 15,000 right-angle gearboxes, as soon as possible?” Apex got this request, received the order and delivered within the demanded timeframe. And all of this without even one day delay for other customers regular deliveries! We run faster, for everyone: whether it is for 1 or 15,000 pieces.
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Haakse-redcutor-05Cofely Fabricom: Volvo

The company Cofely Fabricom had a problem, they should have, very quickly a solution for their pre-assembly plant to positioning axles for Volvo trucks. A big challenge, technically but also in terms of delivery time. Together with Apex Dynamics they managed to solve this problem to everyone’s satisfaction.

We thank all our relations for this great year and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic, successful, but above all healthy 2016!

Kind regards,

Thom van Oss and Eric Megens
Apex Dynamics BV

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