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Partner day electric racing with Team URE

After another year of hard work, the URE student team from Eindhoven University of Technology has the opportunity this week (7 to 11 July) to demonstrate their newest self-built electric racing car, the URE14, for the first time at the TT Circuit in Assen. It is a true allround contest, in which the car, the drivers and the business talents of the teams are tested.

Apex Dynamics was present to encourage URE. We recorded everything on film and photo. In this article we would like to share the first images with you. An more extensive film report will follow soon.

Several disciplines

The car and driver had to perform on acceleration, skidpad (8-way), autocross (a short course as fast as possible) and endurance; a longer race. The entire team also competes in the business area with a considerable amount of national and international competition: A business plan, engineering design and cost accounting are among others the competition disciplines. The URE team has already secured a place in finals of the first two business disciplines; the Eindhoven students are not only very technical – but also highly skilled in the business aspect.


After passing all technical inspections (battery, electro, mechanical, brake test, rain test, tilt test) to actually be allowed to race and have collected the corresponding required approval labels, the moment was there to show what the racing car can do. Skidpad, acceleration and autocross were on the program on wendesday and the endurance race is the last part on thursday. In addition to these dynamic competition elements, also 2 business presentations had to be given in a battle against the other finalists. We are very curious about the results. We will only know more about the URE final score after all the presentations have been completed and various racing components have been driven.

The racing car: electric and autonomous

In the Student Formula Race in Assen, URE participates in the electric class with around 25 other teams. Although it is not important in this race in Assen, the racing car is also able to drive autonomously. We will see that very soon, when the team competes in Italy. The URE14 of Eindhoven students is the only car in this competition that can drive both electrically and autonomously. Often it is one or the other, but URE has set itself the challenge of combining that and they have succeeded.

We have already enjoyed the enthusiastic stories of the students, the familiar hectic pace on the circuit and the ingenuity of all team members. We are very curious about the final results and wish URE every success in the final parts and in the continuation of this racing season!

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