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Race Experience report of winners Lars en Ricardo

On Sunday 16 November, finally the “race experience” day at Circuit Zandvoort took place under the professional assistance of Michel Bleekemolen and his team. As the lucky winners of the photo shoot of APEX at the WoTS exhibition, we had to collect 08.00 in the morning at Zandvoort circuit. Unfortunately the weather was not favourable to us, it has been raining all day.

In the morning we had a warm welcome by the entire team of Michel Bleekemolen. After a welcome speech to everybody (over 100 attendees)was explained what this exciting day would bring. After classifying the different teams (Team D for us) we were linked to an employee, who accompanied the D-team for the rest of the day.

RaceExperience-Zandvoort-008 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-014
RaceExperience-Zandvoort-018 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-017

The program was as follows:

  • Driving a Porsche 911
    Driving on a race track is an unforgettable experience. And so is driving the legendary Porsche 911. Bleekemolens Race Planet offers both. Feel the acceleration and handling of a Porsche 911 race car on the circuit of Zandvoort. A unique experience you will not soon forget.
  • Driving a Formula car
    Every speed freak sometimes dreams of driving a real formula car. You will now have the chance to jump into the cockpit and experience the handling, braking and acceleration of a super-fast formula car.
  • Driving a BMW 1 series
    Team Bleekemolen has successfully participated in the BMW Cup for several years. You too can experience what it’s like to drive a BMW 1 Series on the race track.
  • Powersliding with a professional
    Driving a car properly is a challenge. Powersliding is true art. Ride along with our highly experienced instructors. They are Holland’s best and they will show you what car control really is.
RaceExperience-Zandvoort-002 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-006
RaceExperience-Zandvoort-012 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-009
  • Slalom test
    Doing a slalom test is harder than you might think. That is why the slalom test is also part of our race driver training. Respond quickly, get the most out of the car and try to set the fastest time. Educational, but also fun to do.
  • 4×4 through the dunes
    Experience what it’s like to drive over a 35° slope. Or what it is like when your axles are buried in the sand. Make no mistakes when driving over our narrow bridge. Driving off road requires a different technique. It is a mix of speed and agility. Do you have what it takes?
  • Dragerace with a 500hp strong Dodge Charger
    Who is fastest on the ‘quarter mile’ run? Once the lights go out it is full throttle to the finish line. Our 500bhp Dodge Chargers are ready. Are you?
  • Go-Karting competition
    Go-karting is rightly seen as the basis of motorsport. Many Formula 1 drivers started their careers in go-karting. Step in and see who of your team is the fastest.
  • Skid test
    Fun and educational, the skid test. The car skids and the trick is to get the car back on track as soon as possible.
  • Driving with your own car on the track
    At the end of the day you can drive on the track with your own car. You don’t have to but you can if you want. Drive carefully!

Although the experience was for everyone different, all parts where more than worthwhile. But self-driving a Porsche GT3, the “drag racing“, Formula Renault and the “Powersliding” with a professional  racing driver were the highlights of the day for us.

This page contains a selection of pictures, to give a further impression of this day.

RaceExperience-Zandvoort-005 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-003
RaceExperience-Zandvoort-007  RaceExperience-Zandvoort-015
 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-010  RaceExperience-Zandvoort-011
RaceExperience-Zandvoort-016 RaceExperience-Zandvoort-019

Again we want to thank APEX for this unforgettable experience.

Sincerely, Lars en Ricardo


Press release Helmond, December 3, 2014