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Couple drives for charity Rescue Baby to Gambia

Want to make a fantastic trip for a wonderful charity?
Kees and Anita already wanted to go on the road in 2020, but the edition of both 2020 and 2021 were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022 it is possible and the couple will leave by car on 21-10-2022 towards their final destination Banjul, Gambia for charity Rescue Baby Gambia.

Apex Dynamics sponsors the adventurous 7,200 km journey of Kees and Anita, who drive a Nissan X Trail from Zwijndrecht to Banjul (Gambia) for a good cause: Rescue Baby Gambia. This Dutch foundation wants to reduce infant mortality and allow mothers to recover more quickly through better care for mother and child. Once arrived in Bajul, Gambia, the car will be auctioned and the profit will benefit the work of the foundation.

After the car has been auctioned, Kees and Anita fly back to the Netherlands. Kees works in daily life at a tree nursery and Anita at a mental health institution. (Fun fact, Anita has been world champion line dancing a few times!)

Driving from the Netherlands to The Gambia

The route starts from Zwijndrecht, after which they make the crossing from Tarifa to Tangier, Morocco via France and Spain. Then the route goes through the Atlas Mountains and the Merzouga sand dunes to the border passage Morocco – Mauritania. From here, the Nouadibou – Nouakchott Beach Route is taken to the Mauritania – Senegal Border Passage. Here they will briefly visit the Original Dakar piste (Lac Rose), after which they will continue to the Border Passage Senegal – Gambia. In Gambia, the finish is at “The Arch Banjul”, a central place in the capital of Gambia. The tour is organized by the Rotaryclub Zwijndrecht e/o and/or and partly they are accompanied by the police or army.

About Rescue Baby Gambia

Rescue Baby Gambia is telling about her goal:

“As a foundation, we can achieve better care for mother and child, so that infant mortality is reduced and mothers can recover more quickly. We do this by ensuring good hygiene in the delivery room and in the maternity ward. We are working on improving sanitary facilities and electricity!”

On the north side of the Gambia River, the foundation supports the obstetrics/maternity ward of the hospital in Essau. More than 70,000 people depend on this hospital, because the river is difficult to navigate in this area. Where others refrain from helping this hospital for that reason, we have started to provide support here for the same reason, we can really offer substantial added value there.

Every month, more than 150 babies are born in this hospital, which we would like to give a chance at a future. The cooperation with the doctors and the nursing staff in the hospital is good. There are short lines, so that the foundation can ensure that the items and financial resources are delivered to the right place. It is a pleasure to work with this team. Each step is another step forward and we hope to take many more steps together. Every baby has the right to a good start.”

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Sponsoring by Apex Dynamics

The social involvement of Apex Dynamics is apparent, for example, from our sponsorship of various student projects. This is always connected to technology, close to our brand and is where we can also make a substantive contribution. In this project there is no technical relation, but the personal relationship of one of our employees provides the connection to this project. In any case, we are proud of our modest contribution to this great cause and hope for the greatest possible impact!