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Selection and assembly of racks

For many years, Apex Dynamics has been supplying low backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions from one hand and at very competitive prices and with short delivery times. However, calculating a gear rack drive is a difficult task: it is a comparison with many variables.

Calculation of the correct rack and pinion

That is why Apex Dynamics offers the possibility to perform the calculations performed for you, with the starting point to achieve the desired specifications and accuracy. But more importantly, with 49 series of gearboxes and a huge selection of pinions and racks (the catalog is nearly 100 pages thick), we can make a tailor made product selection and propose the right components with regards to investment, technical and regional preferences. For example, the pinion can be mounted on the gearbox in 9 (!) ways.

The calculation that Apex Dynamics makes is well-arranged and can be used for the technical construction file.

Highest point marking

When the components are delivered, assembly can start. You can choose to have Apex Dynamics mount the pinion on the gearbox, taking the most concentric mounting position and marking the highest point of the pinion in this combination. This is important during assembly.

Apex Dynamics also provides a Dutch or English (even Spanish) Installation instruction, in which  is explained how to assemble the components in the easiest way: From aligning and positioning the racks, adjusting the pinion to checking the adjustments.

Mounting bracket

In addition, Apex Dynamics can provide a “loan” mounting bracket as a service, to adjust the pitch of the racks correctly.
These mounting racks are available from modules 1 to 10, for straight and helical toothed racks and in quality classes 4 and 5. If there is a need for even more accurate mounting, high-precision measuring pins can be supplied.

All specifications and accuracies of the racks and pinions of Apex Dynamics are transparent: The first pages of the catalog contain all tolerances such as hardening depth, material, straightness, squatness, surface roughness, etc. Also you’ll find here the DIN quality (linear accuracy), tooth quality, cure type and depth and itspost-processing. After the pinions section a table is listed with the maximum tangential force and torque for a specific quality of rack. Via this link you can download our complete catalogue.

For more information, please contact Apex Dynamics BV.