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Spectacular footage, made possible by Apex Dynamics!

For 20 years , the telescopic camera cranes was developed by Horst Burbulla, founder of  the company Supertechno . He developed this crane to shoot his first and only film ” Liebe und Tot”. The recordings that he wanted to make could not be made without a kind of camera crane. His invention is quite common today : In almost all blockbusters this kind of equipment is used, think of productions such as The Matrix, Titanic, Pearl Harbor and Harry Potter to name some. The latest models are equipped with an electronic self-leveling head, balance weights and accurate pivot points that allow a vibration-free movement of the camera during shooting. Supertechno stands for state- of-the – art in camera crane technology.


The “Techno Crane” positions the camera and moves it by remote control . ” Without this camera crane complicated action scenes, such as those included in “Spider-Man” and “Van Helsing” would not have been possible,” says Mr. Burbulla .

Following the market demand, Supertechno started the development of an even larger telescopic crane. This crane is so big it cannot operated by hand, so Mr. Burbulla developed his own drivetrain, based on three main criteria :

  • Efficient, on-site often only battery power is avialable
  • Silent, no buzz in the background
  • Absolutely vibration-free , to get no vibrations in the system even when the camera is on a arm of 32 meters!

Mr Burbulla choose, after much testing, for Apex Dynamics because they fulfilled these  criteria perfectly. In addition, the global and rapid availability also played an important role.

Meanwhile, the SUPER TECHNO 100 has been introduced on the Cinec fair in Munich, Germany. With this camera crane, with views of upto 32 meters, spectacular film shots can be made without a need for a helicopter to look over the rooftops.

The SUPER TECHNO 100 has only just been introduced, but it is certain a whole new era dawns for the TV and film industry! Most studio programs of the German RTL are made with camera cranes, with spectacular digital backgrounds and camera movements !

Also in this application, the gearboxes of Apex Dynamics support new developments.

Apex runs faster!

Press release January 24, 2014, Helmond