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The apex of Max Verstappen

The Netherlands has a new national pride, Max Verstappen. His performance in Formula 1 and the fact that he is also being sponsored by Exact, supplier of our ERP system, ensures that we at Apex Dynamics currently follow the races and successes of Max very carefully. In the commentary of the race, the term Apex came up many times. Something we noticed of course, but what is this apex?

Last weekend Olaf Mol of the Dutch television did report of the race in Hungary – where Max Verstappen finished in 5th – and mentioned several times the apex of a curve. Initially something to neglect but for us it is a special word and it started to get our attention. What is this apex Olaf Mol is referring to and why is he so excited about it?

In motor sport, the racing line is the route that must be taken in order to minimize the time taken to complete the course.
– Source: Wikipedia

Apex in Formula 1 and Motorsport

apex-in-Formule1In particular, the curve performance is of importance, here the difference is made. These will be studied thoroughly by the drivers. When analysing a single corner, the optimum line is one that minimizes the time spent in the corner and maximizes the overall speed of the vehicle through the corner.

If a driver used the path with the smallest radius, that would minimize the distance taken around that corner. However, by fitting a curve with the widest possible radius into the corner, the higher speed which can be maintained more than compensates for the extra distance travelled.

The apex is the innermost point of the line taken through a curve. The apex is often, but not always, the geometric centre of the turn. Hitting the apex allows the vehicle to take the straightest line and maintain the highest speed through that specific corner. It is often near the tightest part of a corner.

As you can see again, in Formula 1 the Apex ensures that Max Verstappen can take a turn as fast as possible. Another fine example of our slogan: Apex Dynamics run faster!