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Video: From team URE to a permanent job at Toyota Gazoo Racing

Floris van Lookeren Campagne, former URE team member, did an internship at Toyota Gazoo Racing as a student. And his internship turned out not to be the end of his adventure. After his studies, he started working full-time at Toyota Gazoo Racing. We visited Floris and Toyota Gazoo Racing to see how he applies the experiences at URE in his work with this racing team.

“Team URE on your CV has certainly helped you end up at such a great company!” – Thom van Oss, Managing Director Apex Dynamics

From student project to job

As a member of the student team URE (University Racing Eindhoven), it is of course your dream to work in a racing environment. Because Floris was responsible for composites during his time at URE, when he was looking for an internship he also looked for a position within that discipline. He ended up at Toyota Gazoo Racing, where he continued to work part-time after his internship and even wrote his master’s thesis. After completing his studies, Floris has now been working full-time at Toyota for more than a year. The experience of working with composites at URE gave Floris the push to make his first designs a reality during his internship.

“Not only do I find composites interesting, but I also find racing and the whole world of racing interesting. Because that is also my passion.” – Floris van Lookeren Campagne

Permanent job

Going from a student team to a permanent job is of course a big step, but for Floris this was not that different from what he was used to. There is also a strong team spirit at Toyota, just like at URE, says Floris. He also emphasizes that it is especially nice to work in a large company where everyone shares the same passion for motorsport and aspires to the common goal of racing and winning.

The Museum

At Toyota we were also allowed to take a look at the Toyota Gazoo Racing Museum. Floris told us all about the impressive vehicles in the museum, from the winning cars at Le Mans to Formula 1 racing cars. It was a nice experience to hear former URE member Floris so passionate about these projects.