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URE versus Royal Dutch Army, Who is going to win?

We stand for continuous innovation, collaboration and continuing where others stop.

This is a nice movie of the battle between the Fennek of the Royal Dutch Army and the #URE13 of TU Eindhoven. At the traffic training ground in Oirschot, the two teams are ready to get started. The race starts. Who will win? Check it out quickly!

The URE13 and the Fennek are of course two completely different vehicles, each with their own power. The URE13, a Formula Student racing car developed by students from TU Eindhoven, has a top speed of 130 km/h and accelerates to 100 in no less than 2.3 sec. The Fennek is a reconnaissance vehicle and reaches a top speed of 115 km/h. The Fennek is twice as large and must also carry a weight of 10,400 kg. The URE13 only weighs 197 kg and is powered by four self-developed electric motors. The Fennek currently has a diesel engine, but work is in progress to change this.

Just like TU Eindhoven, the Army is working on innovation and ‘the fleet of the future’. For example, the Ministry of Defense – NL is already working on an electric variant of the Fennek, electric quads are being tested and civil service cars have been electrified. As you can read on our website, the students of University Racing Eindhoven (URE) are already busy with the design of the URE15. In addition to studying, this multidisciplinary team of 60 students is continuously working on developing new technologies in the automotive industry. So they also stand for: continuous innovation, collaboration and continuing where others stop.

Thank you for your cooperation, Education and Training Command Royal Dutch Army and Friends of OTCRi