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Special Applications : Woodworking machine

Apex Dynamics and coffins? Yes, you read correctly. Machine Trading company van de Poll from Nijmegen ( specializes in new and used woodworking machinery, has in recent years specialized in a niche market: Special machines and production lines for the coffin industry. Given the high demand (!) several machines can achieve a capacity of 300 panels per hour. Recently, Mr. Poll gained a new contract for an automated panel saw, which required planetary gearboxes. After a selection of suppliers, he has chosen for Apex Dynamics.

Mr. van de Poll stated, “Apex is a supplier who advised me quickly and professionally and made me a good offer. Due to the large power density of the Apex gearbox it remains small  and it has a nice neutral stainless steel housing. Furthermore, the gearbox was in stock which was remarkable because the servo motor I use is not very common. Apex Dynamics provided the proper adapter flange and I could pick it up directly from the Apex Dynamics office, where they offered my a tasteful cup of coffee.”

“The name “Apex Dynamics” is becoming well known within the industry, because Apex participates at many exhibitions, is giving lectures and is very proactive to the market. Also, I notice them frequently in magazines and more importantly, everyone talks about Apex Dynamics positively. The gearbox is built in without any problems. The current gearbox is working as expected, so it is perfect! ”

In the video you can see the panel saw at work. On the right side you can see the drive of the vacuum lifter, where a gearbox of Apex Dynamics is visible.

With regards to Machinehandel van de Poll (