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Newsletter June 2015

After a busy period with fairs and other events, now a relatively “quiet” period is ahead. Relatively because our participation did result in many new relations and projects. That is nice of course, but we have to give a critical comment as well. It seems visitor numbers of exhibitions keep decreasing, which is a worrying development. A trade show is an excellent opportunity to bring supply and demand together. Both, event organizations and participants (exhibitors) will therefore have to do everything to reverse this “negative” trend of declining attendance and must find a way to attract more visitors.

Battle against Cancer

In this newsletter we would like to highlight the performance of René Verbruggen for the battle against cancer.

This time, along with his whole family. For the third year we have been able to contribute to its sportive performance during the Alpe d’ Huzes fundraising event. Rene, thank you for that opportunity. Top!

Shell Eco Marathon

How far can you drive on one liter of fuel? That is the challenge during the Shell Eco Marathon. Apex Dynamics BV sponsored no fewer than three teams in the last edition of this unique event!

Gearbox history

Apex Dynamics develops and manufactures gearboxes, and this would be impossible without gears. But where do gears really come from? Was it the Greeks, or Mother Nature, who wrote this invention in its name? We looked deeper into the history of the foundation of our product.

Why a servo motor?

A planetary or spiral bevel gearbox is mounted in almost all cases to a servo motor. But why is that? What is a servo motor, what does such a motor do in an application and why it is particularly important to use such a servo motor in combination with a gearbox.
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Summer time is coming up now, as the signs do not deceive it certainly will be no cucumber time. Many of our customers and partners are busy with all kinds of nice applications and projects. Therefore Apex Dynamics BV remains open throughout the vacation season.

Of course each of us will enjoy a wonderful summer vacation, and we wish this to all our clients as well. Enjoy the wonderful coming period, take a good rest during your deserved holiday so the batteries are recharged for an undoubtedly fantastic 2nd half of the year.

With kind regards,

Thom van Oss and Eric Megens
Apex Dynamics BV

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