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URE central in FEDA Innovation Talk sponsored by Apex Dynamics

What if innovation is the core of your organization? This is daily practice for University Racing Eindhoven, sponsored by Apex Dynamics, and they were the subject of the latest FEDA Innovation Talk. Live from the team’s workshop at Eindhoven University of Technology, students told about their experiences. Apex Dynamics director Thom van Oss interviews the current and a former team manager in the first roundtable discussion.

Apex Dynamics has been involved as a sponsor for years with University Racing Eindhoven and has already made a large number of videos showing the innovative nature of the team. We also managed to convey that to the FEDA, which led to the livestream below. The first round table discussion is an interview by our own Thom van Oss with Joos Kat (team manager URE), Alex Pap (former team manager and now founder of XYZ Dynamics) and Wouter Kuijpers of Eindhoven University of Technology. He talks with them about the experiences within the student team and how this translates into their career.

Interest (new) students in technology

In addition to the interesting answers from the interviewees, Thom also received a question: How did Apex Dynamics end up at URE and why do they sponsor the team? We are happy to share that answer here:

“We sought out URE ourselves in the hope that they could also use a gearbox from us. Unfortunately, that did not work, the gearbox used at URE runs at high speeds and has a short life time. While in the industry lower speeds and a longer service live are important. But when we came into contact with the team, we were also seized by the students’ enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking, which made us decide to contribute.

But we also see that the market is shouting out for technically skilled people. And we also want to contribute to that. We hope that when prospective students see something as beautiful as URE, they decide to follow a technical education. So we are happy to help making that possible.

And that also helps us commercially, we get support and compliments from the market and that is a nice additional advantage.”

Applying Data and AI

Also in the second interview, a former team member and a current team member of URE speak up. They specialize in Data and AI applications and specifically the autonomous driving of the racing car. Including the film before the interview, you get a good idea of how URE applies the latest technology in their self-driving race car.

The future

In the coming period, URE will be working hard on the development of the URE16, the new racing car for the 2022 season. Apex Dynamics will of course follow them closely and also keep you informed through interesting articles and videos.

Are you also seized by the energy of the team? Of course, URE is always looking for partners and clients who also want to contribute to training the technicians of the future. You can contact them through their website.