University Racing Eindhoven

Apex Dynamics BV is proud sponsor of University Racing Eindhoven.

University Racing Eindhoven (URE) stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering. By competing in the Formula Student competition, the world’s largest engineering design competition, we try to push ourselves and our cars to new limits!

Using a combination of the engineering skills of all the members and some help from our dear sponsors, they are able to build a high-tech revolutionary electric Formula-style racecar every year.

Overall, URE is a great place to gain experience in designing, manufacturing and tuning the racecars of the future and being a team player in an environment of highly motivated engineering students.

Visit the website of University Racing Eindhoven for more information!

Latest University Racing Eindhoven News

URE Update: Production of the Inwheel Drive

In october URE started with the production of the inwheel assembly, their own designed and manufactured set of gears. The future Mechanical engineers
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University Racing Eindhoven: Moving Forward in 2021

What does an ambitious student team do when collaboration becomes difficult? Thom went to talk to URE to talk about the near future.
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URE Video update january 2020

February has already started, which means it is time for the monthly video of January. Check the short recap of last month!
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Partner day electric racing with Team URE

This week, University Racing Eindhoven (URE) participated in the Formula Student on TT circuit Assen. Apex Dynamics was there to encourage and report.
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Presentation URE14 of University Racing Eindhoven

Last Wednesday, June 12, the time had come ... the presentation of the electric and autonomous racing car URE14D/E from University Racing Eindhoven (URE)
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University Racing Eindhoven: the final phase

The electric racing car, the URE14, is almost finished! In addition to an electric car, this is also an autonomous driving car. University Racing Eindhoven (URE) is busy assembling...
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Maintenance on the gearboxes of URE13, essential

Part of building a Formula Student race car is maintaining it. Especially the gearboxes are inspected thourough to be ready for the new season
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URE has been pushing boundaries for fifteen years

This year URE is celebrating its third lustrum, read this articel for an overview of this enthusiastic student team at the TU/e.
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4 trophy’s for URE at the pre-Formula Student event Evodays

URE participated in the pre-Formula Student event Evodays to get fully prepared for the upcoming races. Here they took home 4 prizes! During Evodays the URE team went through fu...
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After movie: Presentation URE13 and URE’s 15th anniversary

On June 1, the URE13 was unveiled by the URE team. Here is the after movie of this spectacular event at the 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven
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Preview of Formula Student races with University Racing Eindhoven

What is the planning for URE for this Formula Student racing season and how do they continue to challenge themselves? We talk about it with Alex Pap.
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