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Video: URE experience is a good foundation for your own company

Alex Pap, a former member of URE, started his own company after his student days; XYZ Dynamics. Thom van Oss from Apex Dynamics recently visited him to talk about his experiences at URE, how he is doing now, and what he has learned during his time as a student and team member of URE.

“I always look back on my time at team URE with great pleasure. There I learned that every problem can be solved, I took that with me when I founded XYZ Dynamics.” – Alex Pap

URE (University Racing Eindhoven)

As a former member of Team URE, Alex likes to look back on his time at URE, where he learned that every problem has a solution. He also emphasizes that, as a commercial company, every problem must be resolved and that there is no place for excuses.

“I think it’s great that you have become a self-employed entrepreneur. Studying is often about freedom and happiness, but as an entrepreneur you suddenly get a lot of responsibilities. I’m glad to hear that you learned this from the disciplines at Team URE” – Thom van Oss

What does XYZ Dynamics do

After his time at URE, Alex founded XYZ Dynamics together with two friends. At the start of this company, they formulated a clear mission: accelerating the energy transition in the commercial vehicle industry.

XYZ Dynamics specializes in the electrification of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) vehicles in particular. Take, for example, the vehicles at an airport, such as the pushback tractors that push an aircraft back to the runway. These vehicles now often run on diesel, but at XYZ they are working to make these types of vehicles fully electric so that diesel vehicles become a thing of the past. A good initiative to make the world a bit greener again! Of course, it will also become a legal obligation in the long term.

Career opportunities

It is great to hear and especially to see what is possible if you have “URE team member” on your CV. Whether you are applying for a job with a challenging employer or starting your own business, the experiences at URE always form a solid foundation.