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Apex Dynamics present at URE’s autonomous driving test day

Apex Dynamics is the supplier of gearboxes, racks and pinions of the highest quality. Apex Dynamics believes in innovation, from its own product range and in the field of services. In addition, by advising its customers within the mechanical drive segment on possibilities and then putting together the best configuration together. But also by structurally investing in the innovators of the future. Those innovators are, for example, the student team of University Racing Eindhoven (URE). Apex Dynamics is very involved in the development of the team and the resulting innovations.

We were therefore very enthusiastic when Apex Dynamics was invited to visit the test day at a test location in Lelystad. This test day was all about autonomous driving. Thom van Oss, director of Apex Dynamics Benelux spoke to Max van Riel about the latest developments in autonomous driving.

University Racing Eindhoven is a student team from TU Eindhoven. Every year a new batch of students is responsible for the “ins and outs” of this team. A core team of these students is working full time on everything that is involved in running such a team. From technology to organization and communication. The team is therefore always happy with sponsors and other stakeholders who not only sponsor in money or resources, but also as a content partner. Apex is not only a know-how partner but also always involved in the team, several videos and articles have already been published.

Exercise results in faster lap times

The URE electric racing car is a further development of the car from the past academic year. That year, due to Covid-19 there was almost no racing possible. That is why it has been decided to further develop the URE 15 (the 15th racing car of this TU Eindhoven team) in the hope that races can actually take place again this academic year. This also gave the opportunity to fully focus on autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving is driving without a driver. The car drives itself or can be operated remotely. Because URE is preparing for the different competitions, they can regularly be found at one of the test locations. During a test day, several inspections are carried out and autonomous driving is practiced. All this with one clear goal: faster lap times in the competition.

Innovatieve vehicle state estimator

Default, URE starts with an inspection. All systems are checked and students Max, Stan and Lars check whether all software works properly. In addition, they look at whether the wheels turn properly, the steering wheel moves and of course whether the brake is working.
Then it is time to start. The circuit is outlined so that the autocross mission can be carried out. During an autocross mission, the car drives an unknown track and uses the vehicle state estimator. With a vehicle state estimator, the state of the car, the speeds and accelerations are estimated. Accurate measurements result in better controls that ultimately lead to faster lap times.

Emergency stop using pneumatic system

Stand still in a split second? This can be done by means of an emergency stop. The race car contains a pneumatic system for this. When something goes wrong, the emergency stop can be pressed. The air is immediately released from the pneumatic system and the brake pedal is pressed abruptly. The consequence: standing still in a split second.

Move forward

Director Thom van Oss expresses his admiration for the technical know-how and especially the drive and perseverance of these students, the innovators of tomorrow. Sponsoring this team fits perfectly with the ambition of Apex Dynamics, to achieve progress through innovation. The slogan of Apex is therefore not without reason: move forward

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