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GL series specially developed for AGV applications

As a result of automation, Apex Dynamics is getting more and more questions about gearboxes for AGV applications. That is, gearboxes for Automated Guided Vehicles, or mobile robots, which are often used to transport materials in factories or warehouses. The GL series has been specially developed for AGV applications. That is why Erik Megens tells more about it in this video.

GL series with high radial load

The GL series has been developed to withstand high radial loads. This is due to the torque being transmitted through the output flange and the force being transmitted through the rotating housing. The force acts between the bearings, so that it is only loaded on force and not on tilting torque. In addition, the GL series has helical gears for a high synchronization, it has a very low backlash, is quiet and resistant to shocks. Due to the compact design, the GL series has an installation depth of 30 mm and has been developed with starting torque compensation: when the motor rotates counterclockwise, the output flange rotates clockwise. The result is less vibration in the system during dynamic use.

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